Principal Lucia Laguarda with Flower Hill School's Star Student Award recipients.

Flower Hill’s Spectacular January Stars

Principal Lucia Laguarda with Flower Hill School's Star Student Award recipients.

February 12, 2019

Flower Hill Primary School is in the midst of a sensational school year. The 300 students spread across grades K-3 are taking pride in their work and having a great time working with each other and their teachers.

Principal Lucia Laguarda recently recognized a set of spectacular youngsters who were presented with January’s Star Student Awards. The boys and girls are standouts in every possible way and making their mark all around the building.

Flower Hill is in its seventh decade of service to the Huntington community. It’s “graduates” over the years have gone on to obtain degrees from many of the top colleges and universities in the country and have worked in just about every possible career field. They have been among the leaders in their profession.

Students currently attending the school are just as determined to succeed as their predecessors were dating all the way back to 1954 when the building swung open its doors for the first time.

Ms. Laguarda believes January’s award recipients are a wonderful bunch of young people. “We are so happy to commend these students for a job well done,” she said.

January’s honorees include:

Kindergarten: Isaiah Connely, Selimah Dease, Ella Mardovich, Gerald Waters III

First grade: Elliot Greif, James Molina Tax, Jenson, Luke Shanley, Radhames Perez Vargas

Second grade: Leilani Dixon, Elena Prior, Lindsay Gamez, Lizmarie White, Thania Guardado, Manuelle Hernandez Colon

Third grade: Angela Abbatiello, Jeremy Romero Jaramillo, Katheryn Escobar Ramos, Michael Flores Flores, Joey Herman, Sabrina Bijou, Kieran Fox, Asani Ingram

Second grade teacher Corin Walsh’s students were named Flower Hill’s Star Class Award winner for January. Naturally, the youngsters were quite pleased with their accomplishment.

Ms. Laguarda gathered January’s honorees and posed with them for a special group photo.