Principal Scott Oshrin and Linda Kohan with November's Southdown Splash Award recipients.

Southdown Splash Assembly Focuses on Kindness

Principal Scott Oshrin and Linda Kohan with November's Southdown Splash Award recipients.

December 2, 2019

Southdown Primary School is the midst of a kindness campaign. It’s an important initiative so care was taken introducing it to students during a recent Splash Award assembly in the gym.

Southdown is the home of the dolphins, the school’s mascot. Students are awarded “splashes” for displaying positive behavior in the classroom and all around the building, including being kind to others, demonstrating proper behavior in hallways and even boosting the spirits of someone feeling a little down.

One Southdown student is selected from each class in the building for formal recognition at the monthly “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its “stars of the month.”

November’s Splash Award recipients include:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten: Joseph Kim

Kindergarten: Mason Wright, Walter Lopez Tzoy, Hendry Hernandez Murillo, Matthew Mejia Jimenez, Damian Raymundo Reyes

First grade: Alexia Reyes Avila, Matthew Figueroa, Karla Campos Torres, Leah Pawlowski

Second grade: Julia Lanzilotta, Alisson Argueta Mayorga, Jennifer Gutierrez Sanchez

Third grade: Danielle Velarde Gonzalez, Jennifer Guevara Martinez, Matthew Donovan

“Everyone at Southdown is proud of our award recipients,” Mr. Oshrin said.

Southdown social worker Linda Kohan was also recognized for her outstanding efforts on behalf of the building’s students. “Linda is a resource for her colleagues on a daily basis,” Mr. Oshrin said. “She works to meet the needs of her students and will always listen and help in any way possible. We are grateful to have Ms. Kohan serve the Southdown community.”

Kindergartners performed their Thanksgiving songs for the entire school during the assembly. “Their performance was beyond adorable,” Mr. Oshrin said.

Assembly Focuses on Kindness

“There is much to be thankful for during this holiday season,” Principal Scott Oshrin said. “We will celebrate kindness during the month of December. While we always teach this important topic to our students, we pay special attention to it during the holiday season.”

Some of the ways Southdown faculty and staff members intend to promote kindness throughout the school include”

  • At the next Splash assembly, faculty will highlight acts of kindness that students can perform during the holiday season and beyond.
  • Second grade teacher Carlene Cournane painted a kindness tree on the wall located near the cafeteria. Students will write one random act of kindness they performed and display it for all to see. Each grade will be given a different color. The activity will be completed in class. “It has become a wonderful Southdown tradition,” Mr. Oshrin said.
  • Southdown will host a toy drive from December 2-13. New unwrapped toys will be accepted and donated to the Family Service League in Huntington for distribution to families and children in the community.
  • A Southdown Spirit Week is planned with a special theme each day.
  • The Southdown PTA has purchased the book “Try a little Kindness” by Henry Cole. Classroom teachers will read the book to their students during the first week of December.
  • The PTA has also purchased rocks for children to paint and decorate. These rocks will be spread outside the school to help spread kindness to all that pass by.

“As you can see, we have many opportunities planned to teach children the importance of kindness,” Mr. Oshrin said. “We hope parents can join us in this initiative by having discussions with their children at home.”

Southdown Primary School has launched a kindness campaign.
Southdown Primary School has launched a kindness campaign.
Southdown kindergarteners performed during the Splash Award assembly.
Southdown kindergarteners performed during the Splash Award assembly.