Southdown School's February and March Splash Award recipients

Southdown School Presents Splash Awards

Southdown School's February and March Splash Award recipients

April 3, 2019

Southdown Primary School’s students, faculty and staff gathered in the gym one recent day for a Splash Award assembly.

Teacher Pamela Schwarting led the full-school assembly. “Mrs. Schwarting spoke of the importance of listening during announcements so students do not miss their bus,” Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin said. “The student council representatives modeled appropriate classroom behavior during this time.”

Southdown also honored its Stars of the Month with Splash Awards, which is only fitting since the school’s mascot is a dolphin. The youngsters were recognized for their overall effort and performance in classrooms and all around the building and grounds

February’s Splash Award recipients include:

Kindergarten: Claudia Campos Garay, Nathaniel Kelly, Matthew Figueroa, Denisse Vidal-Villalba, Karla Torres Campos; First grade: Christian Moreno, Kallye Kuhn, Brayan Caballero; Second grade: Norah Golden, Shea Monge, Danielle Velarde Gonzalez; Third grade: Ayla Schulman Hughes, Asa Sachs, Banessa Avila Anariba, James Moy, Mikeyla Ascencion Morales

March’s Splash Award recipients include:

Kindergarten: Jason Amaya, Shaun Oswald, Michael “Mikey” Spagnoletti, Greta Wallace, Hendrik Peters; First grade: Julia Lanzilotta, Alisson Argueta Mayorga, Quinn Robertson;

Second grade: Abigail Jessie, Zyanah McCoy, Jack Oswald; Third grade: Carolina Villanueva, Bella Duenas, Anderson Carranza Tevez, Beylin Avila Fugon, Steven Benitez Arevalo

Southdown’s daily recurring substitute teachers Kiera Nicosia, Caroline Calogero and Frances Beach were “celebrated for their hard work and dedication to the students and staff,” Mr. Oshrin said.