Huntington High School business students with Clemson football team members at Madison Square Garden.

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Huntington High School business students with Clemson football team members at Madison Square Garden.

April 2, 2019

Huntington High School Sports Marketing course students recently visited Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

Teacher Paige Tyree-Furman and a large group of business students had an opportunity to experience the marketing principles of product, price, place and promotion related to the facility, located at Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street. The Huntington contingent was given a VIP tour, complete with a history of the legendary site.

“The highlight of their tour was definitely running into the Clemson football team, which let them take a picture with them,” Mrs. Tyree-Furman said.

Mrs. Tyree-Furman earned a BS degree in marketing at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia in May 2004 and a master’s degree in business education at Hofstra University in December 2011.

She worked at Chanel, Inc. as a marketing coordinator from August 2004 until November 2007, when she moved to Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy as a marketing manager, a position she held until January 2010.

Huntington’s sports marketing course is a one semester, half-credit course offered to students on every grade level, but recommended for college-bound business and marketing majors and “anyone interested in the field of sports and its impact,” according to the high school curriculum guide.

“This half-year course is designed to provide an insight into the executive level decision-making and analyzing in sports marketing,” states the curriculum guide. “Case studies and news media will be used to position the student in the role of a sports marketer. Suggested topics that will be explored are: an orientation to marketing as it relates to the sports industry, market analysis, athletes making economic choices, professional sport trades, supply and demand in sports, financial analysis of teams, the sports labor market, discrimination in sports and sports promotion. Classroom instruction will be reinforced through outside use of guest speakers, a field trip to a stadium, videos and the internet.”

Static Electricity at Washington School

Third graders in Washington Primary School classes taught by Suzie Dinehart and Victoria Creighton participated in a static electricity lessons, learning firsthand about the phenomenon by experimenting with various objects.

“We learned that rubbing materials together can result in charges being moved from one surface to another,” Ms. Dinehart said. “Charged objects pull or push on uncharged objects.”

SEARCH Sixth Graders are Sensational

Sixth graders in the Huntington School District’s SEARCH program were sensational in this year’s National History Day local competition. Forty-two of the youngsters participated in the contest and submitted very high quality research projects.

“National History is a fantastic opportunity to not only get kids excited about history, but to teach valuable research skills as well,” SEARCH teacher Jessica Risalvato said. “My students loved the freedom of being able to pick their category, topic and partner(s) for the contest.”

H-ton Junior to Visit India

Huntington High School junior Zubair Ali will be visiting India this summer. “I’ll be there from June 29 to July 28 to help kids learn English, tour Delhi and see the Taj Mahal and Agra and go to Rajasthan and see places like Udaipur and Jaipur and stay in a local village and do 80-100 hours of community service,” the teenager said. “I’ll be helping the village with public works and in the school and also be immersed in the local culture there.”

Mr. Ali is on the high school’s High Honor Roll. He is president of Huntington’s English Honor Society chapter.

Woodhull Students Create Bulletin Board Highlighting Studies

The classes of Woodhull Intermediate School teachers Keith Meyers and Diane Grassi recently spent time studying India. The youngsters went on to create an informative bulletin board that required them to use a variety of research techniques.

Mr. Meyers provides social studies instruction to both classes. He assigned various research topic roles to all 48 students in the two classes. Research categories included maps, Ghandi, yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, the Taj Mahal and many others.

Students performed research in the library with Jenna Brittman, a library media specialist at Woodhull and Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School and Mr. Meyers.

“The students utilized many of the databases the district subscribes to,” Ms. Brittman said. “The jobs varied from finding pictures and drawing to researching facts and information. The entire bulletin board was created entirely by the students.”

Jefferson’s March Featured Artists

Jefferson Primary School sure has talented students. The youngsters have gifts in every possible area and they enjoy getting recognized, too.

Jefferson’s Featured Artists of the Month for March were recently announced. The group includes Kenya Alvarado, Camila Aparicio Saravia, Tyler Blanco, Ali Brady, Myles Copeland, Bladimir Cordova Parada, Samantha Escobar Villeda, Maeve Frintzilas, Roberto Guardado, Ashley Nova Ramirez, Angelly Rivas Jerez, Loreen Rodriguez Ulloa, Dario Stincone and Bennett Wagner.

Artwork created by the honorees is currently on display in the Jefferson School lobby. Each of the youngsters was given a certificate and a medal on a red, white and blue ribbon. They gathered together for a commemorative photo with art teacher Maria Mazzola.

Remembering a Fun Physics Lesson

It might not snow again this year now that spring is here, but Oskar Kilgour wouldn’t mind if there was a flurry or two again. The Huntington High School junior was among the physics students in teacher Stacey Byrnes’ class that participated in an outdoor lesson in the snow that

“It was a great time and brought the classroom to life,” Mr. Kilgour said. “We incorporated concepts such as conservation of energy, friction and gravitational acceleration on inclined planes.”

Donations to Huntington UFSD

The Huntington School Board has recently accepted numerous donations to the district. The items include:

  • Christine Biernacki donated 15 polyester tablecloths measuring 70-inches each to the music department. The donation is valued at $163.
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Chasin donated a Tiertime Upbox Plus 3D Printer, accessories and four spools of filament. The donation is valued at $2,000.
  • The Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School PTA donated $5,000 to offset the cost of upcoming field trips.
  • Carol Schlitt donated $500 to be credited to the Carmen Rivera-Gotay Scholarship Fund.
  • The DiGiacomo family donated a Jean Baptiste clarinet with a case to the music department. The donation valued at $150.00.
  • Kathie Bodily donated an Accu-Scope microscope to the science department. The donation is valued at $500.
  • Jairo and Rebecca Sanin donated 144 poly binders to the district. The donation is valued at $505.

Upcoming Budget Meetings

The Huntington School Board will hold a series of upcoming budget related meetings. All of them are open to the public. The sessions include:

April 8

  • Huntington School Board meeting: Overview of revenues and overall budget review.

April 15

  • Huntington School Board meeting: Adoption of budget.

May 13

  • Public hearing on budget at Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School at 7:30 p.m.

May 21

  • Budget vote by residents at Huntington High School from 6 a.m.–9 p.m.

Each of the budget meetings will begin at 7:30 p.m. and be held in the Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School auditorium on Lowndes Avenue in Huntington Station. The public is welcome to attend and will be given an opportunity to address the trustees.

Art teacher Maria Mazzola with Jefferson School's Featured Artists of the Month for March.
Art teacher Maria Mazzola with Jefferson School's Featured Artists of the Month for March.
Huntington junior Zubair Ali is going to India this summer.
Huntington junior Zubair Ali is going to India this summer.
Washington School third graders experimented with static electricity
Washington School third graders experimented with static electricity
Woodhull School social studies students studied India and created some neat bulletin boards that displayed their findings (1)
Woodhull School social studies students studied India and created some neat bulletin boards that displayed their findings