robotics handshake

Huntington Robotics Welcomes Everyone

The Huntington High School robotics team has put out the welcome mat for every student to join the fun.

September 5, 2018

Huntington High School’s robotics team is for everyone, not just technological or engineering wizards. The program has so many distinct aspects to it that those who might not even be scientifically or mathematically inclined can find a very welcoming home on FIRST Team 5016, as the squad is officially known.

“While in the past Huntington Robotics may have had a reputation of being an elite club for students exceptional in STEM, we seek to emphasize that in fact Team 5016 is for everyone,” said junior Abigail Holmes, the team’s captain.

Founded in 2013, Huntington Robotics reached the FIRST World Championships in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Huntington teenagers join the program for a wide variety of personal reasons. “Some of the most creative and artistic people I know are current or former members of Huntington Robotics and have utilized their talents in innovative ways to create perfect roles for themselves on the team,” Ms. Holmes said. “From composing the music to our award-winning chairman’s video to building and painting a scale model of the field, Team 5016 has a place for every individual.”

Those who aren’t necessarily interested in hands-on work can find a home in the program, too. “Our business department has multiple leadership roles dedicated to marketing, fundraising and outreach,” Ms. Holmes said. “Love playing video games? Your Xbox expertise will be vital to our team as our robot is controlled using 360 controllers. Worried that being a robotics member and an athlete is an oxymoron? Have no fear, our head electrical technician and lead driver doubled as Huntington’s varsity football quarterback for years.”

Visit the team’s website at for more information or send a message with questions to An interest meeting is being planned for September.

“Huntington Robotics is about so much more than just math and science and our team members come from all different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, interests and GPAs,” Ms. Holmes said. “Team 5016 is proud to embrace the ideals of inclusivity that have been so diligently instilled in us by the Huntington UFSD and we want to make sure that incoming students know that at Huntington Robotics, everyone is welcome.”