The Huntington UFSD is upgrading its wellness practices.

Superintendent Moves to Upgrade Wellness Practices

The Huntington UFSD is upgrading its wellness practices.

November 15, 2018

With a newly adopted district wellness policy in hand, Superintendent James W. Polansky is moving forward to upgrade the wellness practices and food service program during the 2018/19 school year.

Mr. Polansky’s goal is to improve district’s wellness practices and initiatives as well as working with food service provider Whitsons to evaluate and elevate the entire food service program with a particular focus on student appeal and nutritional value.

Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky. (Darin Reed photo.)
Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky. (Darin Reed photo.)

The superintendent intends to review recent improvement in the district’s food service offerings and evaluate the existing program against industry standards. He will also research innovative food service programs, both near and far.

Now that the Huntington School Board has adopted a new district wellness policy related administrative regulations will be developed with input from a re-established District Wellness Committee.

Mr. Polansky’s efforts this year will also include engaging a consultant to ensure that all aspects of the new food service program contract “remain intact without compromise.”

There will be research into the offerings of other school districts “in an effort to gather information on them” and visitations “to observe the contest and structure of their food service programs.”

Mr. Polansky is also planning to research available grants “that have the propensity to assist in maintaining the district food service program’s required financial self-sustainability.”

Comments on Huntington UFSD’s food service program can be sent to Mr. Polansky at