Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art show on May 15-16.

Blue Ribbons of Excellence Awarded at Art Show

Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art Show on May 15-16.

May 18, 2018

A crowd of hundreds explored this week’s Huntington School District art show. Many were surprised that the work was created by students that ranged in age from five to 18. The pieces on display covered just about every type of art.

The annual event is timed to coincide with the district’s budget vote and trustee election to maximize attendance. Voters were encouraged to walk down the high school’s main hallway from the lobby to the gym, where thousands of works awaited visitors.

There were also afternoon and evening fashion shows on Tuesday. Folks of all ages stopped to watch students display their designs on the catwalk.

“Once again, the students and staff in the art department outdid themselves at this year’s district Art Show,” said Eric Reynolds, district director of fine and performing arts. “As I walked through the gym, the pieces kept getting better and better with every turn I made. The variety and quality of art display proves not only the talent and dedication of our students and teachers, but the value this community places on art education. Congratulations to all involved!”

The show utilized about two-thirds of the Louis D. Giani Gymnasium. The exhibits were elegantly displayed and the show itself was easy to navigate. There was something for everyone to appreciate, that’s for sure.

Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence Honorees

Flower Hill Primary School
Art Teacher: Jackie Plesant

Student: Medium
Addison Ashby: Watercolors and Oil Pastels
Alexander Colonna: Mixed Media
Abby Rose Goldman: Pencil
Grace Gordon Mixed: Media
Giovanna Lanfranco: Paint and Pencil
Luisa Mackey: Paint
James Markotsis: Mixed Media
Harrison McIntyre: Mixed Media

Jefferson Primary School
Art teachers: Maria Mazzola and Karen Morea

Student: Medium
Ali Brady: Watercolors
Francesca D’Eloia: Colored Paper
Jean Carlos Garay: Araujo Mixed Media
Ryan Gordon: Mixed Media
Greyson Henderson: Oil Pastels
Genesis Maldonado Caballero: Tin Foil
Mabelin Maldonado Licona: Colored Paper
Allison Rodriguez Iraheta: Plaster Sculpture

Southdown Primary School
Art Teachers: Jackie Plesent and Karen Morea

Student: Medium
Jonah Abraham: Mixed Media
Elisabetta Arra: Model Magic and Tempera
Elias Caldwell: Tempera and Oil Pastels
Bella Duenas: Mixed Media
Vivienne Gormsen: Mixed Media
Alice Hammerquist: Mixed Media
Walter Lopez: Watercolors and Pencil
William Oliva: Mixed Media

Washington Primary School
Art Teachers: Maria Mazzola

Student: Medium
Leslie Cisneros Morales: Mixed Media
Charles Desrochers III: Mixed Media
Hennie England: Watercolors
Mia Fils-Aime: Colored Paper
Owen Gordon: Oil Pastels
Sergio Moreno Bonilla: Mixed Media
Roodes Similien: Tin Foil
Ella Van Horn: Mixed Media

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School
Art Teachers: Jackie Plesent and Todd Hiscox

Student: Medium
Linzy Arias: Sculpture
Elena Barretta: Tempera Paints
Liva Camarata: Tempera Paints
Katherin Enamorado Reyes: Watercolors
Valerie Ferreira: Sharpie on Acetate
Kenneth Gilhuley: Colored Pencils and Watercolors
Justin Hernandez: Pencil Shading
Megan Lewis: Mixed Media
Claire Parks: Clay
Natalie Parrott: Pencil Shading/Chalk Pastels
Henry Santos: Sculpture
Uma Shtrom: Clay

Woodhull Intermediate School
Art Teacher: Todd Hiscox

Student: Medium
Ashley Alay: Tempera Paints
Lauren Donaghy: Tempera Paints
Brooke Farasciano: Colored Pencils and Watercolors
Danna Flores-Guillen: Chalk Pastels
Lily Froggatt Bale: Chalk Pastels
Emily Kustera: Sharpie on Acetate
Jennifer Lopez: Chalk Pastels
Iverson Menjivar: Sharpie on Acetate
Delaney O’Brien: Colored Pencils and Watercolors
Jordana Paniccia: Sculpey
Jake Schmitt: Clay
Eli Soric: Clay

J. Taylor Finley Middle School
Art Teachers: Ayallah Jeddah, Karen Morea and Dena Mortell

Student: Medium
Olivia Agosti: Colored Pencils
Jaden Argaman: Pencil and Pastel
Erik Flores: Collage
Fernando Guerrero: Colored Pencils
Lauren Holly: Soft Pastels
Evelyn Johnson: Acrylic Paint
Lauren Landolfi: Charcoal Drawing
Erin Scanlon: Watercolors
Haileigh Smith: Colored Pencils
Charlie Soljanich: Colored Pencils
Ella Torregrossa: Pencil

Huntington High School
Art Teachers: Kim Valerio, Kasmira Mohanty, Jane Judson, Kristin Singer, Heather Swan, Ayallah Jeddah, Alison Hagedorn and Pamela Piffard

Student: Medium
Santos Acevedo Castro: Ceramics and Sculpture
Stewart Araya: Digital
Jose Avila Anariba: Painting
Keziah Baker: Fashion Illustration
Kelvin Barahona Alvarado: Polymer Clay and Glass Mosaic
Brooke Biernacki: Ceramics and Sculpture
Quinn Blackburn: Photography
Griffin Bluemer: Video
Michael Bradford: Digital
Christina Brillante: Ceramics and Sculpture
Chloe Buffone: Media Arts
Ancheska Castillo: Media Arts
Ana Diaz: Sewn Handbag
Kenneth Fajardo: Photography
Zulma Flores Villalta: Ceramics
Natalie Furman: Digital
Sarah Giarraputo: Glass Mosaic
Maggie Giles: Mixed Media
Nancy Glascock: Photography
Olivia Hannigan: Fashion Illustration Book
Patricia Hernandez: Ceramics
Griselda Jimenez Contreras: Glass Mosaic
Grace Kenny: Colored Pencils
Anna Koulakova: Digital
Angelina Larkin: Ceramics and Sculpture
Angelina Larkin: Ink
Angela LoScalzo: Ceramics and Sculpture
Grace McKean: Mosaic
Andrew McKenzie: Ceramics and Sculpture
Christina Nigro: Photography
Olivia Perez: Digital
Cesia Ponce Guzman: Charcoal Drawing
Jessica Quintanilla: Drypoint
Julia Rogan: Photography
Christopher Segreti: Media Arts
Josue Serrano: Charcoal
Ella Siepel: Ceramics and Sculpture
Alyssa Sorensen: Photography
Ariana Strieb: Photography
Lanaya Swazey: Media Arts
Baris Toprak: Digital
Grace Tyrrell: Video
Joselin Valerio-Rendon: Charcoal Drawing

Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art show on May 15-16.
Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art show on May 15-16.
Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art show on May 15-16.
Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art show on May 15-16.
Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art show on May 15-16.
Student artwork was displayed at the annual HUFSD Art show on May 15-16.