The Huntington School District's website is a leader in the state.

The Huntington Website Acknowledges . . . .

The Huntington School District's website is a leader in the state.

June 22, 2018

The folks who operate the Huntington School District’s website and social media platforms would like to acknowledge important behind-the-scenes assistance they have received this year. As a result of this help, four new stories, additional postings and photos have been able to appear each morning of every school day since September.

Acquiring the background information and photos necessary for the site has required the help of many individuals. Without this assistance it would be impossible for the website to feature the variety and depth of stories that have appeared.

Huntington junior Katherine DeGennaro and Brown University sophomore Emma DeGennaro have both interned in the district’s Office of Public Information this year. Their assistance has proved to be invaluable as each has handled numerous tasks, from copy editing and photography to compiling information and fact checking.

Huntington High School art teachers Heather Swan, Pamela Piffard-Williams and Kasmira continue to provide their professional expertise whenever it’s needed, from providing photos and artwork to collaborating on stories and helping fill our YouTube channel with interesting videos. The trio is unmatched in their willingness to help.

District parents and Huntington High School graduates Mike Connell and Darin Reed once again volunteered countless hours to the photographing of Blue Devil athletic games and other district events. Their work has enhanced the website throughout the school year. Mr. Reed’s videos have also lifted our hearts and minds and filled us with pride and warm feelings, reinforcing our belief that the Huntington School District is the finest in the state.

Superintendent James W. Polansky and Assistant Superintendents Kathleen Acker and Beth McCoy are uniformly dedicated to providing as much information as possible about the district’s educational initiatives and financial operations. Mr. Polansky regularly facilitates our acquisition of the documents and other materials that we need to file daily stories.

Our appreciation is also extended to the district’s principals, department directors and chairs, teachers, club advisors, parents and students who have contributed photos, story ideas and background information. Thanks also go to the district’s computer technicians for responding to our periodic calls for hardware, software and network support.

The Huntington School Board is completely committed to doing whatever it can to provide the community with the finest school district website and social media presence in New York. Trustees are united in their support of transparency in district operations, including the posting of an audio file and detailed minutes immediately following each of its meetings.

The website would also like to acknowledge the extensive cooperation and assistance of Georgia D. McCarthy, district director of athletics, for providing team reports and other materials that have been used to create hundreds of stories. District Director of Fine and Performing Arts Eric Reynolds has also gone beyond the call of duty in lending a hand when needed.

We appreciate the cooperation of PTA Council and individual school building PTA officials throughout the district in facilitating event coverage. The Huntington Foundation, Booster Club, SEPTA, Huntington Drama Parents Assn. and the Band Parents Assn. have extended a great deal of support and assistance whenever it was needed.

A detailed review of every website section and its more than 10,000 pages will be made this summer. The site will be updated and readied for the new school year. Be assured of the district’s commitment to providing the community with the most comprehensive website possible.

Every effort will be made during the 2018/19 school year to continue to publicize the accomplishments of the school community, its talented young people and the professionals who work with them each day.

Please note that with the close of the regular school year, the website will move to a summer posting schedule. There will be new stories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Special announcements will be posted as needed.

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