Camille Tedeschi's summer journeys

Camille Tedeschi’s Summer Spent Exploring the World

Camille Tedeschi experienced breathtaking scenery during her summer journeys.

September 8, 2017

Camille Tedeschi added to her impressive list of world travels this past summer. If ever there was one, the Huntington High School social studies teacher is a citizen of the world. She can’t sit still for very long. She just has to be exploring some faraway land, learning everything she can about the people, culture and customs.

The veteran educator embarked on two separate adventures during the recent summer vacation. The first brought her to Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo and Brunei. As if that wasn’t enough exploring, Ms. Tedeschi then headed off to Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Russia.

“I love to explore and experience the world,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “My travels educate me more and more every time I step foot on foreign soil. I learn new perspectives on various cultures and it enhances my teaching and my life. If you want to learn about the world, you need to get out and see it. I teach world history and feel confident in my instruction the more I experience the world and its people firsthand.”

Strictly by the numbers, Ms. Tedeschi’s summer included visits to 12 countries, 19 flights, 25 hotels and 4,033 pictures. “I walk around historic sites and have the ability to make connections to other sites I have also visited and then I am inspired to create new lessons for my students,” she said. “I have always loved museums and this summer I went to so many. There is never a day I do not learn something while traveling. My two greatest passions in life are to teach and to travel.”

A member of Huntington High School’s faculty since September 2002, Ms. Tedeschi obtained an undergraduate degree at Pace University and graduate degrees from SUNY Stony Brook and CUNY Queens College.

The energetic educator has been leading international trips for EF Tours for many years. Hundreds of Huntington High School students have participated in the privately funded treks. Ms. Tedeschi also likes to explore on her own outside of the group educational travel excursions.

“People always want to ask me ‘what was your favorite place you visited this summer?’ and that is hard to answer,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “I love every place for a variety of different reasons, but some of my best days were spent in Cambodia, Norway and Russia this summer.” 

Camille Tedeschi's summer travels
Camille Tedeschi has no problem making friends on her travels.
Camille Tedeschi's summer travels
Camille Tedeschi visited 12 countries during the summer vacation .
Camille Tedeschi's summer travels
Camille Tedeschi loves studying the culture of faraway lands.