Greenkill trip

Townwide Fund Aids HFEE Greenkill Initiative

Huntington has been sending sixth graders to Greenkill for decades.

September 6, 2017

The Huntington Foundation’s appeal is so strong that the organization has been able to count on sensational community support of its mission through its more than two decades of existence. The most recent school year saw nearly $80,000 raised and donated to the Huntington School District to support innovative initiatives.

A display of such remarkable support came when the Townwide Fund of Huntington contributed $5,325 to the Huntington Foundation’s Greenkill fund. The monies covered all expenses of economically challenged Woodhull Intermediate School and Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School sixth graders who were unable to pay the full cost related to the multi-day trip to the 1,150 acre outdoor education center at Huguenot, New York.

Huntington Foundation officials said the annual trip carries substantial educational value, calling it an “adventure that not only impacts their knowledge and appreciation of the environment, but fosters individual growth beyond the classroom.”

“The Huntington Foundation is comprised of a group of selfless individuals who ask no questions other than ‘what can we do to help and support Huntington students?’” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “We are beyond grateful for the organization’s ongoing generosity and would also like thank the Townwide Fund for helping us to make certain that all students are able to take advantage of such a valuable collection of experiences at the Greenkill Outdoor Center. The memories our students make during the trip are everlasting.”

This marked the second consecutive year that the Townwide Fund of Huntington stepped up with such a contribution. The Huntington Foundation termed the donation “incredibly generous.”

“The Townwide Fund of Huntington strives throughout the year to raise charitable funds that stay right here in Huntington,” said Janice Shea, a member of the organization’s board of directors. “The Fund is honored to have assisted the Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education’s noble work to ensure that every sixth grader participates in the Greenkill ‘rite of passage’ and they create lifelong memories with their classmates.”

The Huntington Foundation raises the bulk of its monies at the organization’s annual gala. The 2018 gathering will be held on Thursday, March 15 at OHEKA Castle.

Several current Huntington High School students are playing active roles with the organization. The group includes Francine Nastasi, who will be engaged in a general internship with HFEE. Abigail Fernandez is also interning, specifically assisting with the March 15 gala.

HFEE’s Youth Board consists of Alyssa Befumo, Rachel Moss, Katerina Obermeier, Casey Moskowitz, Zach McGinnis and Naomi Ponce.

Greenkill trip
Huntington has been sending sixth graders to Greenkill for decades.
Greenkill trip
The Greenkill trip is a rite of passage for Huntington sixth graders.