Booster Club Recognizes Interns

Huntington Booster Club Recognizes Talented Interns

Booster Club officials Tim Pillion and Bari Fehrs with Ashley Wright and Grace Curran.

June 5, 2017

Huntington Booster Club interns Grace Curran and Ashley Wright are a dynamic duo that will be hard to replace. The two seniors will soon be heading off to college after devoting countless hours over the past year to the organization that supports Blue Devil athletics.

Ms. Curran and Ms. Wright engaged in a full year credit bearing internship with the Booster Club through a high school program that offers seniors an opportunity to work with school and community based professionals and organizations.

“Grace and Ashley are outstanding young women who worked very closely with us throughout the year,” Huntington Booster Club President Timothy Pillion said. “They are wonderful teenagers who represented our organization very well at games and in the community.”

Mr. Pillion recognized the two interns during last week’s 49th annual Blue Devil senior athletic awards banquet in Louis D. Giani Gymnasium. The Booster Club presented Ms. Curran and Ms. Wright with bouquets of flowers before a crowd of about 300.

Ms. Curran is headed to Syracuse University to study public relations while Ms. Wright will be attending SUNY College at Oneonta where she plans to pursue a communications major.

“My internship was great because it allowed me to get more involved in the Huntington community during my senior year,” Ms. Curran said. “I loved it and loved the people in the Booster Club.”

Ms. Curran said she will be working a job this summer, “but not too hard,” she added. “I want to enjoy home before going to college.”

“Working with the Booster Club was super fun all through the year,” Ms. Wright said. “Basketball games were probably my favorite thing to help with because it was Grace and I running everything on our own throughout the season. Helping with ideas for new merchandise that is sold from the club’s trailer was also fun.”

Ms. Wright’s summer plans including working and spending time with her friends before leaving for college in late August.

“We are sure going to miss Grace and Ashley next year,” Ms. Pillion said. “We are confident that their respective college communities are going to discover what every in Huntington already knows: these are two very special young people.”

Ashley Wright.
Huntington High School senior Ashley Wright.
Grace Curran
Huntington High School senior Grace Curran.