Principal Marsha Neville with June's Washington Ways Award recipients.

Washington Students Win Awards on Final Day

Principal Marsha Neville with June's Washington Ways Award recipients.

July 5, 2017

On the final day of another great school year, nearly two dozen Washington Primary School students were presented with awards for their stellar performance in the classroom and around the building.

Principal Marsha Neville took to the public address system shortly after everyone had settled behind their desks to announce the final group of Washington Ways Award recipients for 2016/17.

June’s honorees include Abigail Uvena, Lucas Nieves Soto, Ethan Hobbi, Adrian Corrente, Jaida Blatt, Ava Vega, Ruth Ulloa-Redondo, Jensen Argueta Hernandez, Kaliyah Stephen, Jazlin Garcia, Isabella Holland, Katie Quintanilla-Fuentes, Ana Bonilla Gomez, Presley Moss, Beatriz Zuniga, Sophia Garay, Julia Ackerman, Brian Banegas, Ryan Avila-Aponte, Aylin Martinez and Henry Santos.

The entire classes of teachers Victoria Creighton, Colleen Lanigan-Simko, Susan Turner and Tina Balducci were also recognized for their effort and performance throughout June.

After distributed colorful certificates to each of the Washington Ways Award winners, Mrs. Neville assembled members of the group outside the school’s front doors so a few commemorative photos could be snapped.

“It was such a pleasure to honor these children on the last day of the school year,” Mrs. Neville said. “They were so happy to receive this award and their classmates cheered for each of them when their names were announced, which was a really nice touch.”