Flower Hill Principal Marlon Small with Andrew Guandique

Flower Hill Second Grader Steps into Top Spot

Flower Hill Principal Marlon Small with Andrew Guandique

July 03, 2017

It was priceless. The smile on the face of Flower Hill Primary School second grader Andrew Guandique told the story of just how happy the youngster was sitting behind the principal’s desk.

Mr. Guandique was Flower Hill’s Principal for a Day as the school year raced to its conclusion in June. The designation was one of the raffle prizes at the Huntington School District’s Special Education PTA’s Sunset and Sounds on the Bay gala at the Head of the Bay Club in May.

With a sharp looking and coordinated outfit, including a pressed dress shirt, colorful tie and snazzy vest, Mr. Guandique looked the part of a principal. The articulate youngster used his engaging personality to communicate with teachers and students equally well as he carried out his responsibilities under the guidance of Flower Hill Principal Marlon Small.

The youngster learned all about what goes into being a principal and the duties the post encompasses. Mr. Guandique made announcements, met with visitors, toured hallways, classrooms, the cafeteria and the playground. His easygoing nature helped him win over everyone in the building in record time. Champion of the people? Yeah, you can call him that.

“Andrew worked very hard as the principal, handing out all of our Star Student Award winner certificates for the month of June,” Mr. Small said. “He also distributed all of the summer birthday pencils and deftly handled many other assignments.”

Is it any wonder why the second grader was so popular in the top spot?