Huntington SEPTA Donates Thousands for Mini-Grants

There was plenty of fun and funds raised at the 2016 SEPTA gala. (Cliff Weissman photo.) Huntington SEPTA has awarded $4,500 in mini-grants.

February 17, 2017

The Huntington School District’s Special Education PTA has donated thousands of dollars to the district to cover the cost of eight mini-grant awards for a variety of educational items designed to improve students’ classroom experience.

Huntington School Board members accepted SEPTA’s donation to the district in the amount of $4,504.24 to fund the competitive grant proposals, which were submitted by teachers.

“Many thanks to SEPTA for this year’s mini grants and for its ongoing support of our students, staff and programs,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “The organization’s generosity continues to help us provide opportunities for children that would be fiscally prohibitive otherwise.”

The new round of grants include:

• Grant: Alpha Better Stand-up Desks
Amount: $1,042.89
Teacher: Phyllis Sadusky
School: J. Taylor Finley Middle School

• Grant: Sharper Image Noise Cancelling Head Phones
Amount: $603.85
Teacher: Linda Costello-Roth
School: J. Taylor Finley Middle School

• Grant: Friendship Club – prize replenishment

Amount: $325.78
Teacher: Dr. Mary DiBenedetto and Kate Carey
School: J. Taylor Finley Middle School

• Grant: Ping Pong Table

Amount: $695
Teacher: David Warren
School: J. Taylor Finley Middle School

• Grant: Reading A-Z and Raz Kids Reading Software
Amount: $219
Teacher: Megan Scannevin
School: Flower Hill Primary School

• Grant: Earthtone Animals Rug
Amount: $449
Teacher: Renee Garcia
School: Jefferson Primary School

• Grant: Field Trip to Sweetbriar Nature Preserve

Amount: $395.80
Teacher Shelley Stockner, Sarah Macaluso and Amy Leinward
School: Southdown Primary School

• Grant: Cando Deluxe Pedal Exerciser
Amount: $772.92
Teacher: Lynn Hefele
School: Southdown Primary School

SEPTA is led by co-Presidents Jennifer LaVertu and Mary Mortensen, co-Vice Presidents Corinne Heffernan and Tonyah Guadique and fellow executive board members Lisa Hanna (corresponding secretary), Miho Verfenstein (recording secretary), Melinda Weissman (treasurer), Lynette Bavaro (PTA Council delegate) and Alice Marie Rorke (PTA Council delegate).

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