AP Courses

Advanced Placement Participation Grows in Huntington

An increasinging number of Huntington High School students are taking AP courses.

February 16, 2017

Advanced Placement courses and exams are challenging, but an increasing number of Huntington High School students are enrolling in the classes and that pleases building and district officials.

School counselors have been discussing AP course offerings with students who might otherwise overlook the classes or conclude they aren’t for them.

“One of the ways the counseling department is helping to increase college and career readiness for our students is by encouraging qualified students to register for a more enriched curriculum,” said Kitty R. Klein, district director of guidance and testing. “This includes honors and AP courses.”  

The College Board began sponsoring the Advanced Placement program in 1955. The courses are the equivalent of introductory college level classes. Many colleges grant incoming students credit for taking high school AP courses.

“Seven years ago about 500 Advanced Placement exams were administered in 14 courses to 240 students,” Ms. Klein said. “Today about 800 exams are offered in 22 courses to over 300 students. The robust number of AP classes selected by students is a testament to their desire to be successful.” 

Some recent Huntington graduates have earned more than 30 college credits through high school Advanced Placement courses and will be able to shave a year off the time it takes to obtain an undergraduate degree. They can also save a full year’s tuition.

But earning college credits isn’t the only reason to enroll in Advanced Placement courses. The classes are viewed as rigorous by colleges across the country and the content is enriched and taught at a college level, which prepares students for the demands of college work.

“One of our primary goals in Huntington is to graduate well-rounded students who are prepared to take on the challenges that await in the next stages of the academic and professional lives,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “As such, it is important for us to continue encouraging students to challenge themselves academically, as well as to make choices that are aligned with their interests.”

Contact Ms. Klein (kklein@hufsd.edu) for more information about Huntington High School Advanced Placement course offerings.