Jake Severine

Jake Severine is Flower Hill’s Principal for a Day

Jake Severine with Flower Hill Principal Marlon Small

April 25, 2017

This is one of those really cute stories. Some kids like to stay under the radar while others are the take charge type. Count Flower Hill Primary School fourth grader Jake Severine in the latter category.

The youngster settled into the Flower Hill principal’s office one recent day after his mom had won a silent auction at the school’s parent-teacher social last month. When she came home and told Mr. Severine about it he couldn’t wait to assume his duties.

The fourth grader looked like a school administrator. Mr. Severine wore his sharp looking white shirt better than a Wall Street titan. As he settled behind Principal Marlon Small’s desk, a person got the impression that it was destiny; the youngster was meant to lead a school.

Mr. Severine huddled with Mr. Small and the pair reviewed the daily responsibilities of a principal. There are many important duties mixed with more mundane tasks. For example, the fourth grader was handed a microphone so he could read the morning announcements over Flower Hill’s public address system.

The energetic young man spent a good chunk of the morning making everyone feel good about being in school. Mr. Severine distributed pencils to those celebrating birthdays and he congratulated recipients of Flower Hill’s Star Student of the Month Award. He was even able to bring an incoming student and parent on a tour of the building.

Mr. Severine also spent time visiting classrooms and making sure everyone was on task and everything was running smoothly. He stopped by the cafeteria and the playground during lunch and recess periods and later dismissed students to their respective bus at the end of the day.

“Jake is a wonderful young man,” Mr. Small said. “We both had a lot of fun and he certainly learned a lot about what goes into running Flower Hill School on any given day.”