March's Star Student

Flower Hill Celebrates its Star Students

Flower Hill Principal Marlon Small with March's Star Student Award recipients.

April 20, 2017

Flower Hill Primary School likes to celebrate its stars and it has plenty of them walking around hallways and studying in classrooms.

Flower Hill has always been a proud place. It was standing tall on the day it opened in September 1954 and it’s still holding its head high today after more than six decades of service to the community.

Located in one of the most beautiful areas on Long Island, Flower Hill is a bustling place. The school boasts students that shine in every academic discipline along with the arts and athletics, too. Students know they have it made in the building and they excitedly pass through the doors each morning for another day.

Principal Marlon Small recently announced the names of the Stars of the Month for March. It’s a big award around Flower Hill and every youngster is happy to receive it. Typically one student from each classroom is chosen monthly. Their name rings out over the public address system and they march down to the main office with an especially vigorous spring in their step.

March’s honorees include Zachary Goldstein, Rocky Rivera Hernandez, Celia LoPorto, Victoria Creegan, John Ramos Panameno, Danis Jimenez Fuentes, Jordan Aguilar Rivera, Anabelle Koelmel, Jencarlo Alfaro Cuadra, Daniel Palacios Jimenez, Kayvon Pittman, Rosa Perdomo-Hernandez, Yessany Abreu Nunez, Tyler Hansman, Hillary Galvez Jerez, Patrick Tortora, Jaslyn Marroquin Chavez, Philander White, Daniela Garcia, Danna Garcia Martinez, Tyler Peck, Adyeri Medina, Sindi Gomez Chavez and Charles Fuller.

“Flower Hill School is a wonderful place,” Mr. Small said. “Our students are receiving a very well-rounded education. They love school and we love working with them.”

Once all the Stars of the Month had been introduced and given a certificate, the group assembled with Mr. Small for a commemorative photo before a large mural.