Asia Lee's Fallen Shadow

Bradley Landberg’s Art Makes a Statement

Asia Lee's Fallen Shadow inspired Huntington's Bradley Landberg.

April 19, 2017

Bradley Landberg is a teenager of many talents. Chief among them are his artistic abilities. The Huntington High School senior makes a statement with his gift.

“When perusing through the biennial exhibit at the Heckscher Museum of Art, Asia Lee’s Fallen Shadow inexorably caught my attention,” Mr. Landberg said. “The poignant use of shadows brings out of the figure of the trees, and truly helps show the beauty of the natural designs. What intrigued me most, however, were the trees themselves. The way the trunks are posed and the manner in which the branches reach out allowed me to see people in them. People in almost ballerina-esque poses, trapped and perhaps entranced by the flora.”

The Huntington teenager reflected on Fallen Shadow as he conceived his own masterpiece. Mr. Landberg then went about creating something very special.

“The beauty that this wholly natural scene evoked was both captivating and inspiring,” said Mr. Landberg about Asia Lee’s 2014 artwork. “As such, this spurred me to create this piece, one which aims to capture that link between mankind and Mother Nature, a link that transcends gender and other social constructs.”

Mr. Landberg worked many hours on his beautiful work, striving to perfect it. The colorful piece is an attention grabber, that’s for sure.

“I attempted to capture that intrinsic connection between humanity and nature in my piece by melding together the visages of a man and flowers; one a masculine figure, while the others are considered traditionally ‘feminine’ objects,” Mr. Landberg said. “I juxtaposed the two in order to demonstrate our connection and the idea that no boundaries are able to separate us from one another.”

Mr. Landberg has been working with Huntington High School art teacher Kamira Mohanty for many years and the results of impressive.

Bradley Landberg
Huntington senior Bradley Landberg.
Bradley Landberg's art
Huntington senior Bradley Landberg's art is splendid.