Blue Devil Girls’ Volleyball Ascends

The 2016 Huntington girls' volleyball team. (Darin Reed photo.)

November 4, 2016

The Huntington varsity girls’ volleyball team is ascending after several lean years. The Blue Devils won five matches this fall and with all but one starting player set to return, the future looks increasingly bright.

Coached by Lauren Visbal, the 10-player squad was captained by senior Rebecca Caballero and junior Lindsay Saginaw. Huntington compiled an overall record of 5-9, a marked improvement over past seasons.

“Last year we didn’t win any matches,” Visbal said. “This year’s team was more unified and had more drive to win. Their positivity and intensity while playing are two reasons they won matches this year.”

Caballero and freshman Cat Jamison both earned All-League honors for the Blue Devils. Caballero contributed 29 aces, 227 passes on target, 56 “kills” and 11 blocks. “Rebecca is an exceptional athlete,” Visbal said. “She communicates well with her teammates and her skills speak for themselves. Her presence on the court is inspiring. I will miss having her on the team.”

Jamison notched 42 aces, 82 passes on target, 184 “kills” and 11 blocks. “She has an extremely promising future in volleyball,” Visbal said. “She can hit the ball straight down on her opponent’s side, making it near impossible to pick up. I’m excited to see her grow these next few years.”

Saginaw contributed 10 “kills” and 353 assists. “Lindsay has the most consistent serve on our team,” Visbal said. “She makes smart decisions about where to set the ball on the court. She leads the team well, both on and off the court.”

Junior Julia Rogan emerged as one of Huntington’s key players this fall. She compiled 28 aces, 50 “kills” and 28 passes on target. “Julia is a very good volleyball player and is great at bringing the team together after every point to cheer,” Visbal said. “She challenges herself to place the ball on the other side of the court, getting many points. She is smart and determined and I’m lucky to have her.”

Junior Alexandra Heuwetter also shined with 17 aces, 41 passes on target, 43 “kills” and 37 blocks. “Alex is a great player and she really excelled this year with her blocking, passing and hitting,” Visbal said. “She is very fast and picks things up quickly. I’m happy to have her on the team.”

Freshman Maddie Reed enjoyed a breakout season with 13 aces, 22 passes on target, 44 “kills” and 35 blocks. “Maddie really started to stand out toward the end of the season, looking much more comfortable playing,” Visbal said. “She is much more aware of her body on the court and was able to get many blocks as well as some ‘kills.’ I’m excited for Maddie’s future with volleyball.”

The team’s roster also includes sophomore Caroline Lenze and juniors Rachel Moss, Deanna Morales and Jaime Ioppolo, adding depth to the Blue Devils.

“I love this team,” Visbal said. “Even though we are losing Rebecca Caballero, who is a key member of the team, I’m extremely confident that the rest of the team will continue to be successful next season. The goal is to make the playoffs. I know they can!”

Head coach Lauren Visbal with senior Rebecca Caballero. (Darin Reed photo.)
Alexandra Heuwetter in action for Huntington. (Darin Reed photo.)
Huntington junior Julia Rogan. (Darin Reed photo.)