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Flower Hill's April Star Students

Flower Hill School has a sensational group of students attending classes this year. They are energetic, hardworking, cooperative and generally a delight for teachers to work with.

Principal Marlon Small recently announced recipients of Flower Hill's coveted Star Student Award for the month of April. The honorees were selected by their teachers after displaying a remarkable work ethic and performance day-in and day-out for a full month.

Among those recognized were Charles Michaelian, Andrea Wilson, Patrick Flick, Yonny Alfaro Granados, Thomas Davis, Dominic Parides, Caitlin Maher-Dubnau, Jake Severine, Tyler Peck, Jackson Stollmack, Katherine Pineda, Alexandra Walleshauser. Anthony Palumbo. Allison Malone. Jennifer Archaga-Ramos, Nadeera Ali, Aidan Carrello, Gretel Cassell, Christian Palios, Shannon Milner, Eimi Valenzuela, Simone Sanchez, Jack Morreale, Aiden Lefebvre, David Marroquin-Lopez and Danielle Brite.

The youngsters were given certificates and gathered together in the Flower Hill cafeteria for a commemorative photo. Classmates and teachers congratulated the award winners on their achievement. Parents were naturally ecstatic.

"We are always very pleased to be able to recognize our exceptional students in a special way," Mr. Small said. "We are enjoying an excellent year at Flower Hill and our students are leading the way."

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