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Making a Good Impression Counts

Who would you hire? It's a question that students in Huntington High School business education teacher Suzi Biagi's classes have been pondering since last September. The teenagers have learned that making a good impression counts, especially during a job interview.

Mrs. Biagi said that "Dress Up Wednesday" has taken a new twist this year. Students in each of her classes have been encouraged to come to school on Wednesdays dressed appropriately for a job interview and "to experience the reality of presentation nine-tenths of everything, especially in the business world."

The business students are quizzed about how they feel going about their business at the school while "all dressed up." The teenagers are asked to make a note about the reactions of others, too. "Are you treated with more respect? Are you acknowledged more readily when you are neatly attired? Do you have more energy and are you 'on task' more throughout your daily activities?

"Overwhelmingly the answers to all these questions are 'yes,'" Mrs. Biagi said. "Some of the students have not missed a week yet. It's a great way to get the students to think about how they present to the outside world and our game of who would you hire has been a fun way to get the whole class involved."

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