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AP Chem Class Visits
Stony Brook Univ. Lab

A group of Huntington High School Advanced Placement chemistry students were able to glimpse the future when they traveled to Stony Brook University and worked in one of the research giant's labs.

The Huntington students spent time focused on the copper cycle. AP chemistry teacher Dame Forbes said the lab required the teenagers "to conduct a series of reactions in which copper metal was converted into several compounds and eventually recovered in its elemental state in the final step."

The lab exercise addressed many concepts, including some encompassed in recommended experiments as listed in the College Board's AP chemistry course description. "The students found the experience to be rewarding and were very focused throughout the activity," Ms. Forbes said.

The trip to the Stony Brook lab provided students with an opportunity to explore reactions they would not otherwise have the time to study during Huntington High School's regular school day.

"It also is very exciting for the students to be in a college setting and on a real college campus," Ms. Forbes said. "Chemistry and science in general should be experienced through hands-on activities. "The more opportunities a student have to 'do' science, the more meaningful their science experience. Through engaging activities such as this we at Huntington are doing our part to cultivate the next generation of science researchers."

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