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Huntington School Board Notes

Huntington School Board members brought the district's Shared Decision Making Advisory Committee up to full strength by appointing a set of new members, including Suzette Biagi, Scott Armyn, Betsy Giamo, Kim Myers-Bender, Cathy Ribando, James Polansky, Nancy Allard, Chris Bene and Tom DiGiacomo. Trustees took the action at their meeting this past Monday night.

The new SDMAC members will serve terms that expire on April 30, 2013. A separate group of committee members that was appointed by trustees in April 2011 will continue their work, as well.

Trustees approved requests to retire submitted by Jefferson Principal Margaret H. Evers, Huntington High School Assistant Principal Angelo Noce. Both administrators are retiring June 30.

Trustees accepted the resignations of Jefferson School secretary Donna DiBiase and Washington School monitor Kristine Warren. Ms. Warren was subsequently appointed a Jefferson School secretary.

Trustees also took the following actions:

• Appointed Risa Brachman as a part-time (.6) district-wide speech therapist, effective January 30 through June 30.

• Approved long-term substitute appointments for Flower Hill School classroom teacher Priya Mondkar (January 6 through approximately June 1), Jefferson School dual language teacher Tirsa Oliva (December 20 through approximately February 10), speech therapist Kristen Murphy (February 1 through June 30) and Finley social studies teacher Robert Barca (September 13 through January 31). Mr. Barca was previously appointed through January 9.

• Approved additional work for Nancy DeVito, Giovanni Mendez, Melody Renick and Kathryn Costa for grief counseling services on December 7 at a rate of page of $48.97 per hour.

• Authorized Elizabeth Lupi and Cynthia Persichilli-Bergmann to work as supervisors for athletic events during the 2011/12 school year at a rate of pay of $31.70 per hour.

• Approved leaves of absence for teachers Heather Flaherty (Woodhull classroom -January 27 through May 4), Kathryn Carey (District-wide speech therapist – January 30 through June 30) and Hildi Green-Stanford (Southdown special education – January 30 through June 30).

• Approved a consultant services contract with Dr. Miguel Brzostovski for psychiatric evaluations. He will be paid $900 for a psychiatric evaluation and report and $100 per one-half hour for consultation with staff.

• Held a second reading of Board of Education Policy 7515 – Students with Life Threatening Health Conditions.

• Approved the 2012/13 school year calendar.

• Approved additional work for Carmen Kasper, district director of foreign language, ESL and bilingual programs. She will work as the administrator for the K-2 Saturday Academy. The stipend of $1,960 will be funded through a Title III grant.

• Approved a special education services contract with the Half Hollow Hills Central School District.

• Approved additional work related to peer mediation for Huntington High School guidance counselor Bernadette Walsh and dean of students Paul Caleca. They will each be paid $200 per day for two days of services.

• Approved a consultation services contract with Rudansky & Winter MD, PC in the amount of $500 for 300 baseline tests and approximately 65 post-injury tests related to the district's concussion management protocol.

• Approved a special education services contract with the South Huntington Union Free School District.

• Approved contracts with various providers for receipt of federal Individual with Disabilities Act Part B flow-through allocations related to the district's special education program.

• Approved an extra duty assignment for Amy Gagnon related to the marching band's color guard. She will be paid a stipend of $1,440.

• Approved a contract with The Daytop Preparatory School for the education of school age student residing in the Huntington School District.

• Authorized teacher John Scheffer to be reimbursed at the current IRS rate for district related travel between buildings.

• Authorized Maria Canino, Jonathan Hernandez, Kieran Mock, Jennifer Morello, Melody Torcivia, Sara Winterling, Debra Collins, Nancy Giorgos, Melissa Borzumato, Athena Angerhauser, Maria Acevedo, Brian Hansen, Katherine Hicks, Stephanie Lerch and Alexandra O'Leary to work as substitute teachers in the district. They will be paid $90 per diem when they work.

• Authorized Christine Anderer to work as a substitute nurse at the rate of $105 per diem as needed.

• Authorized Melisa Cartagena, Peter DiGioia and Michelle Orelli to work as substitute teacher aides. They will be paid $9 per hour when they work.

• Authorized Jackie Galente and Michelle Orelli to work as substitute clerical workers. They will be paid $10.50 per hour when they work.

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