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Huntington's PSAT Participation Grows

An analysis covering the past four years shows that more Huntington High School students are taking the Preliminary SAT, commonly known as the PSAT.

The development is viewed as evidence that more Huntington students are positioning themselves to attend college and doing the planning required to gain acceptance to a university that is among their top choices.

"We all know that over the past few years, colleges have become more competitive and as a result, early preparation for post-secondary planning has increased significantly," said Kitty R. Klein, district director of guidance, K-12. "Evidently, Huntington High School students are no different as numbers of PSAT test-takers have steadily risen over the past couple of years, particularly for tenth grade students.

Ms. Klein recently sent the following information to district executives and Huntington High School administrators and guidance counselors. Huntington School Board members were given a copy, as well.

"I am pleased to see that our students are thinking more about their future and beginning their post-secondary planning experiences earlier in their high school career," Ms. Klein said.

Total PSAT
test takers
Percent of sophomores
taking the PSATs
Percent of juniors
Taking the PSATs
October 2011 370 students
(166 sophomores and 204 juniors)
52% 69%
October 2010 349 students
(183 sophomores and 166 juniors)
53% 61%
October 2009 295 students
(136 sophomores and 159 juniors)
45% 60%
October 2008 293 students
(1 freshman ,137 sophomores and 149 juniors)
45% 57%

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