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Street Law Puts Focus on
Domestic Violence

The Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence visited Street Law classes at Huntington High School late last month, presenting a special program designed to separate fact from fiction about a very serious issue.

Domestic violence is no laughing matter. "Ms. Toni Calabrese spoke to the students about misconceptions regarding domestic violence and relationship violence," said Suzie Biagi, the Huntington business teacher who coordinated the visit. "They run an awesome program for the students. She gets right in there and gets them thinking."

"The Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence dedicates all of its efforts to providing safety and support to family violence victims by offering preventative and supportive services," according to the organization's website.

"We are in the midst of a family law unit right now and since all of us are in relationships sometime in our lives, and abuse is not only grounds for divorce but grounds for losing custody of your children, it made sense to have a speaker who teaches prevention programming," Mrs. Biagi said. "Abuse is such a taboo subject, but our students need to explore it in a safe fashion to better protect themselves."

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