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Huntington School Board Notes

Huntington School Board members approved a leave of absence for Flower Hill Primary School classroom teacher Leticia Cuthbertson, effective February 27 through approximately June 1. Trustees took the action at their meeting this past Monday evening.

Trustees also approved long-term substitute teaching assignments for Debra Ravo (Woodhull/ESL), Pamela Jacovina (Woodhull/music), Emily Eckstrum (Huntington High School/English) and Diana Vitale (Washington/ESL).

The resignation of Eileen Senzel, a Huntington High School attendance office secretary, was accepted, effective February 3. Teaching assistants Kathy Einhorn and Kristen DeVille were recalled from the district's preferred eligibility list, effective February 27. They will be given assignments at Huntington High School.

Trustees also took the following actions:

• Authorized Superintendent James W. Polansky to attend a conference sponsored by Leadership for Educational Achievement Foundation, Inc. on "Productive Evaluation Practices: Setting Goals, Measuring Progress & Promoting Instructional Leadership." It will be held at the Desmond Hotel & Conference Center in Albany on March 3. Vanderbilt University Professor Dr. Joseph F. Murphy will be the presenter.

• Authorized food service worker Gloria Susalla Ojeda to receive mileage reimbursement for district related travel between buildings.

• Approved budget transfers between accounts to cover the cost associated with Huntington High School supplies ($7,000) and transportation to science research competitions for high school students ($4,800).

• Accepted a donation in the amount of $3,500 from the Woodhull School PTA to cover the cost of the iGame4 physical education activity program. The week-long program included a family fun night.

• Approved a consultant services contract with Bilinguals, Inc. for student screenings. The company will be paid at the rate of $250 per day (six clock hours) for "one pathologist provided screenings" at the child's school. The fee is prorated to a half-day ($125) as needed.

• Approved a consultant services contract with South Shore Center for Speech, Language and Swallowing Disorders, LLP for speech evaluations and consultations. The company will be paid at the rate of $225 per speech evaluation and report, $45 per half-hour for attendance at a CSE meeting or a CSE meeting consultation and $150 per hour for staff development services.

• Approved adult education program instructors Laura Balaban, Peter Brosoff, Melissa Caravello, Diane Dentico, Beverly Koondel, Chet Lukaszewski and Karen McKenna. They will be paid at the rate of $25 per hour.

• Authorized Clara Krapf, Margaret Florio and Maryanne Omara to perform up to six days of processing services at the district's kindergarten registration. Ms. Krapf and Ms. Omara will be paid $10.50 per hour. Ms. Florio will be paid $30 per hour.

• Approved the addition Lauren Ausubel, Tina Balducci, Kim Valerio and Nicole Governale to the district's substitute teacher list. They will be paid $90 per day when they work.

• Approved Laura Costa as a substitute clerical worker. She will be paid $10.50 when her services are needed.

• Approved music teachers Frank Battista and Jason Giachetti as marching band winter percussion advisors. They will each be paid stipends of $725.75.

• Approved an agreement with Huntington Hospital related to the Huntington High School career exploration internship program.

• Approved an extension of Robert Barca's long-term substitute social studies teacher assignment at J. Taylor Finley Middle School through approximately March 5. He had previously been appointed through February 13.

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