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School Exhibits Celebrate Black History Month

Visitors to Huntington High School and J. Taylor Finley Middle School have been taken by the attractive and informative displays celebrating Black History Month. The exhibits recognize the contributions and culture of leading people of color in the United States.

The Rev. Bernadette Watkins of Huntington Outreach Ministries is the driving force behind the creation of the exhibits. The interesting and colorful items are from her personal collection and were specifically selected for display at the two schools.

"It's really important that we continue to celebrate Black History Month and help our children learn about a part of our history and heritage," Rev. Watkins said. She hopes to expand the exhibits to a third school in the district next year.

The displays feature art work, historic stamps, photos, books, arts and crafts, posters, jewelry, figurines, carvings, compact discs, masks, dolls and statues. Individual profiles and photos of great Americans of color.

"Rev. Watkins provided us with a beautiful showcase this year," said Dr. Carmela Leonardi, principal of Huntington High School. The exhibit was enhanced by several new items. Teachers, students, parents and visitors to the high school building have been captivated with the display.

Rev. Watkins is also behind a Black History Month display in the Finley Middle School foyer, as the lobby is known. "It was put together by students Niyana Watkins and Malia Lewis with help from Rev. Watkins," Finley Principal John Amato said. "Each day for a week, Nianna read questions over the PA system related to Black History Month to get students thinking. She provided the answers the following day."

Black History Month is celebrated in February across the United States and Canada.

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