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Special Olympics at Huntington
Needs Volunteers

One of the most rewarding and satisfying volunteer experiences has to be working at the Long Island region's annual Special Olympics Spring Games North. This year's event will be held at Huntington High School on Sunday, April 15. It promises to be a special day for the young athletes, their families and friends and the volunteers who make it all possible.

To pull off a successful event will requires dozens of volunteers. So organizers are reaching out to folks in the Huntington School District community, asking if they are willing to pitch in and contribute a few hours of their time on a spring day.

There are a variety of volunteer activities to choose from. To register as a volunteer log onto the Huntington School District's website at www.hufsd.edu and look for the link to the Special Olympics Spring Games North web page.

Volunteers are needed to assist with setting up the day before the event, helping out with checking-in volunteers and coaches, assisting with lunch distribution, helping set up the Olympic Village the morning of the competition, staffing an entertainment booth, helping with the opening ceremonies, including set-up, decorating and coordinating the parade of athletes, and coordinating their activities and helping out with the track events, softball throw, shot put, turbo javelin, standing and running long jumps, tennis, awards presentation and breaking down the event following its conclusion.

"It's our goal to help make this a great day for these enthusiastic young people," said Georgia D. McCarthy, who is encouraging volunteers to register as soon as possible to help with the event's planning.

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