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Reach for the Moon at Woodhull

The study of anything having to do with science is usually met with excitement by elementary grade students in the Huntington School District. Teachers understand this phenomenon and use it to guide these energetic youngsters through some fascinating units.

Woodhull Intermediate School fifth grade teachers Paula Gasparino, Patricia Hearn and Diane Grassi had dozens of eager students on their hands during a recent unit that focused on all facets of our solar system and culminated with some intriguing 3-D projects.

The Woodhull youngsters really dived into the unit, studying about the planets, moons, comets, asteroids and stars in the sky. Students looked forward to that time in the day reserved for science and many continued their investigations and readings at home.

The fifth graders were asked to conduct research and later create a 3-D model related to a solar system topic they chose to focus on. "We thought they put a tremendous amount of energy into these solar system projects," Mrs. Gasparino said.

Teachers told students to "reach for the moon, even if you miss you land among the stars." It is a message familiar to the youngsters. "This is the theme that is the focus of our science classes," Ms. Grassi said. The projects took on all shapes and forms. The final products made it obvious the students put a great deal of thought and hard work into them.

"Each student was given time to present their projects to their peers," Mrs. Hearn said. "Students and teachers both enjoyed this creative activity. This group of students certainly reached infinity and beyond. We are so proud of them!"

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