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Dual Language Winter Fiesta
a Celebration

It was a Friday night of fun and friendship as a crowd of more than 300 turned out for the winter fiesta of the Huntington School District's dual language program. The gathering in the Jack Abrams School cafeteria is a firmly rooted tradition that brings together parents, students, teachers and aides to celebrate the program's success.

Huntington School Board members Emily Rogan and Adam Spector and Superintendent James W. Polansky were hand for the festive affair, mingling with the large crowd and sampling the cuisine. "This was a wonderful opportunity to hear from parents with children in the dual language program and to enjoy an evening together as a learning community," Mr. Polansky said.

"The food that everyone brought was delicious and plentiful for everybody to enjoy," said Carmen Kasper, district director of foreign language, ESL and bilingual programs.

Ms. Kasper said the parents in the crowd were "thrilled to hear" that two new fourth grade dual language classes will be added next year at Flower Hill and Washington primary school and that applications for the 2012/13 first grade dual language program are in the process of being mailed to current kindergarten parents.

Pride filled the cafeteria as parents shared with school officials their warm feelings for the dual language program. Ms. Kasper cited the "professional ethics and high quality of all the teachers in the program" for helping to make it one of the district's mainstays. "I am proud to be a part of the DL team," she said. "They have made this program a success."

The atmosphere was relaxed and informal throughout the evening. Many students came along with their parents and they enjoyed spending time with one another away from the normal classroom grind.

"Parents shared their satisfaction with the program and recognized that their children are truly being enriched," Ms. Kasper said. "They are not only doing very well in all the subject areas, but they are learning Spanish at the same time."

Many weeks of planning went into the evening. Ms. Kasper thanked secretaries Lori Bennett and Anne Connell. "Lori took care of all the arrangements before the event and together with Anne made sure the night went smoothly," she said. She also expressed appreciation for members of the custodial staff who "had the room ready before the parents and students arrived."

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