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Huntington School Board Notes

Huntington School Board members have accepted a donation of a SMART Board and Optima projector from the Flower Hill School PTA. "The PTA was able to purchase these items for Flower Hill as a result of monies raised at their last Scholastic Book Fair," said David H. Grackin, assistant superintendent for finance and management services. Trustees took the action during their public meeting this past Monday night in the Jack Abrams School auditorium.

Trustees also accepted a donation of more than 325 foreign language books from the Long Beach Public Schools. The items include a combination of textbooks and workbooks.

Trustees also took the following actions:

• Approved a leave of absence for Washington School ESL teacher Jennifer Marsh, effective approximately April 9 through May 24.

• Accepted the resignation of Huntington High School security guard Tina Cantalupo, effective January 19.

• Approved long-term substitute teacher appointments for Kathryn Joseph (Flower Hill/special education), Melissa Borzumato (Huntington High School/special education) and Robert Barca (Finley Middle School/social studies).

• Approved a part-time long-term substitute teacher appointment for Jonathan Hernandez (Finley Middle School/foreign language).

• Appointed Melisa Cartagena as a three-hour monitor at Woodhull School, effective January 31.
• Deleted the past appointment of Finley Middle School club advisors Mark Belton (stage crew) and Pamela Jacovino (asst. director – drama).

• Appointed Camille DeCanio and Bernadette Walsh as Huntington High School career internship program faculty advisors.

• Appointed Miryam Palacio as an aide in the district's ELL Saturday Academy program. She will be paid $19.99 per hour (not to exceed 55 hours), which will be covered by a Title III LEP grant.

• Authorized retired district nurses Rita Barry, Marlene McKenna and Judy Maier to provide student screenings at this year's kindergarten registration.

• Approved the addition of Pamela Jacovino, Annie Bastien, Emily Eckstrum and Joseph Manaseri to the district's substitute teacher list. They will be paid $90 per diem when their services are required.

• Authorized Annie Bastien and Elizabeth Boyd-Lupi to work as substitute teacher aides at the rate of pay of $9 per hour.

• Authorized Nancy McCarthy to work as a substitute clerical worker at the rate of pay of $10.50 per hour.

• Authorized teacher Michael Procaccini and food service worker Sylvania Caruso to be reimbursed for district related travel between school buildings.

• Approved budget transfers from one code to another to cover costs associated with curriculum writing ($10,000) and New York Hall of Science fourth grade labs ($4,700).

• Authorized the addition of the Long Island Vengeance to the list of organizations approved to district facilities. Specifically, the group will use a softball field at a district school from March-October 2012, Wednesday and Thursday's from 5-8 p.m.

• Approved a consultant services contract with Joanne Kavanagh for two professional development workshop series (16 hours per series) at a rate of pay of $100 per hour.

• Approved an agreement with Developmental Disabilities Institute of Smithtown, NY for the education of a child with a handicapped condition.

• Approved a consultant services contract with Learning Curve Consultants, LLC to provide 21 days of SIMS professional develop activities, which will be delivered to building-level teams. The consulting firm will be paid at a rate of $1,150 per day.

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