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Patricia Dillon is entering her second year as the Huntington High School librarian after spending the previous two decades in the district on the elementary level. But, she isn't a rookie to the high school scene. She worked as the Herricks High School librarian for eight years at the start of her long career.

"One of the best things about being at Huntington High School is seeing the students I served years ago [on the elementary level]," Mrs. Dillon said. "I find it so much fun to see how well they are doing and how they have grown up. I guess I am very fortunate having gone full circle; starting in a high school and ending up in one where 'my children' are."

Next BOE Meeting

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Huntington School Board will be held on Monday, September 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Jack Abrams School auditorium. The public is invited to attend.

New Music Teacher

Jessica Castaneda has been hired to work as a part-time music teacher at Southdown Primary School, where she will serve as the band director.

Ms. Castaneda obtained an undergraduate degree in music education at SUNY Potsdam in 2009 and was awarded a master's degree in music performance at the University of Oklahoma in 2011.

She has worked in the Massapequa School District as a substitute teacher, as a summer camp band director at the Youth Musician Institute and as a summer camp band director and woodwind instructor for students in grades 3-8 in Massapequa.

Teacher Travels

Huntington High School social studies teacher Camille Tedeschi loves to travel. This past summer she started out in Hong Kong and then spent three weeks in southern Italy, visiting Sicily and Naples. She finished up with a stay in Hawaii.

English Teacher Appointed

Sara Winterling has been appointed to work as a leave replacement English teacher at Huntington High School. She will be filling in for tenured teacher Gina Colica, who was earlier granted a child care related leave of absence.

The Huntington School Board approved Ms. Winterling to work from September 1 to approximately January 27, 2012. She earned undergraduate (English, 2006) and graduate (liberal studies, 2010) degrees at Stony Brook University.

Ms. Winterling worked as a leave replacement teacher in Central Islip from October 2007 to June 2008. She was an alternative high school English teacher in Central Islip from September 2008 to June 2010 and then taught ninth grade English in Central Islip during the 2010/11 school year.

District officials reviewed 125 applications, pre-screened 35 candidates and conducted 10 personal interviews before recommending Ms. Winterling for appointment.

Blue Devil Marching Band

The Huntington High School Blue Devil marching band is led by co-directors Jason Giachetti and Brian Stellato. Key Poulan serves as music arranger and Shawn Glyde and Dan Bryan are the percussion arrangers. Gregory Hamilton is the drill designer. Amy Giachetti serves as color guard choreographer.

Michael Caruso is the battery instructor and Frank Battista is the pit instructor. Noel Bordon, Jessica Castaneda, Dan DeOliveira and Melanie Malusa are instructors. The color guard staff includes Amy Giachetti, Lauren Macchio, Jennifer Oksenhorn and Jonathan Swengler.

Substitutes Approved

Huntington School Board members authorized Vincenza Caruso, Debra Collins, Stephen Fitts, Kristina Kelly, Lindsey Marotta, Barbara McMahon, Beth Minoff, Angela Rogan, Adrienne Wood, David Weinstein and Natalee Rubcewich to work as per diem substitute teachers on an as-needed basis. They will be paid $90 per day.

Debra Ciccone, Victoria Petruzelli, Angela Rogan and Terri Shepherd were approved to work as clerical substitutes at the rate of $10.50 per hour. Ellen Holly, Jean McIntosh, Alison Moller and Angela Rogan were approved as teacher aide substitutes at the rate of $9 per hour.

Kirk Brister was authorized to work as a substitute custodian at the rate of $10.50 per hour. Paul Schmelter was approved to work as the sub driver for the marching band trailer at the rate of $24 per hour.

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