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Science Honor Society Inducts
43 Members

The Huntington High School science department has had plenty of reason to celebrate over the years. Science students have won so many honors and distinctions that it's hard to keep track of them all. The "glory days" are far from over as the awards just seem to keep rolling in.

Huntington's National Science Honor Society chapter recently held its fourth annual induction, welcoming 43 new members who met the group's lofty requirements. "Gaining membership in the society is an impressive accomplishment and certainly one to take pride in," said Superintendent James W. Polansky, who attended the ceremony.

This year's inductees include Marc Acevedo, Alexander Alvarado, Ashley Angstadt, Jessica Baik, Claire Beach, Rachel Bosco, Conor Byrne, Allegra DePasquale, Brent Filippini, Erica Flor, Holly Flores, Daniel Gallagher, Brian Gilbert, Samantha Greenidge, Lucinda Gulino, William Hannon, Megan Hansen, Cindythia Harjono, Kaylyn Johnston, Holden Kata, Emaad Khwaja, Kylee Kiesel, Samantha Lai, Amber Lindner, Joshua Morris, Ari Moskowitz, Anne Nugent, Matthew Petryk, Jennifer Polster, Molly Prep, Jacob Roday, Ana Ruzic, Thomas Scott, Nicole Smoot, Joshua Solomowitz, Eric Sze, Email Wafajow, Alexis Weitzner, Anna Wertheim, Elizabeth Whitcher, Adelia Witt, Jonathan Wood and Scout Ziegler.

The new inductees join continuing members Natalie Acton, Brielle Blatt, Lauren Boyce, Laurelle Byrne-Cody, Philip Cadorette, Sarah Cerezo, Jason Chisolm, Marie Clifford, Cole Cook, Juliana Coraor, Kaja Coraor, Jake Goldstein, Norman Gomez-Vasquez, Thomas Hardardt, Taylor Iwaniki, Andrew Ku, Oliver Lockwood, Justin Loscalzo, Alexandra Martinolich, Daniel McQuade, Samantha Palmer, Michelle Rosenbauer, Joseph Straub, Jeffrey Sun and Laura Zenzerovich.

Society faculty advisors Lori Kenny and Dame Forbes and the organization's President Daniel McQuade each spoke briefly during the ceremony. The evening's keynote address was delivered by Stony Brook University Geochemistry Professor Hanna Nekvasil, Ph.D., who is pursuing research that focuses on the effects of magmas and the fluids that they produce on planetary crust evolution.

"I have found this particular year to be exciting because of the unique interests the students have ranging from becoming doctors, geologists, nurses, researchers and many other occupational interests," Mrs. Kenny said. "The kids also have amazing backgrounds of strength in all subject areas, which makes our goals for this year to be very creative. It is a joy to work with these students because they bring so many new ideas with excitement and drive."

The induction ceremony was held in the School Heritage Museum. Principal Carmela Leonardi and Rae Montesano, the district's director of science, also addressed those in attendance, congratulating the new members and complimenting them for their many achievements.

"The 'Inspired 43' celebrated their initiation with a lively event that focused on the International Year of Chemistry," Ms. Forbes said. Students created nifty tee-shirts that depicted their favorite scientific elements, actual or fictional in nature. Each of the teenagers also developed a personal PowerPoint slide for a presentation that profiled their interest in science and listed the name of a scientist they admire

"Science is as deep as it is wide and I am proud to be an advisor to this group of young people who represent the proud tradition of talent and innovation in science that we have in Huntington," Ms. Forbes said

Prospective science honor society members must meet stringent requirements, including a minimum average of 90 in science, 80 in math and 85 in all classes. To remain in good standing, society members must compete in science competitions, perform peer tutoring, participate in club fundraising and attend meetings on a regular basis. 

Following the formal ceremony a small reception was held in the area outside the School Heritage Museum. The gathering allowed new and continuing members to mix and chat amiably with one another and with the family members and friends who attended the festive affair.

"It's always an enjoyable evening when we can recognize hardworking and talented students," Mr. Polansky said.

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