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Blue Devil JV Wins as
Greene Gallops Away

As the season grinds on, the Huntington junior varsity football team is gaining momentum. The Blue Devils topped host Kings Park last week, 22-9 for its second consecutive victory after opening the season with four straight losses.

Sophomore Troy Greene was the heart of Huntington's offensive engine, rushing 28 times for 215 yards and two-touchdowns. He even notched a two-point conversion.

While the Blue Devil offense was efficient with 231 total yards, it was the team's defense that proved to be the deciding factor in the game. Sophomore Jacob Watkins had eight solo tackles, an assist and an interception. Sophomore Astor Smith added six solo tackles, including one for a loss, a sack and a blocked punt. Freshman Gerald Riley had two solo tackles and two batted passes.

This was a true team effort as every player on the Blue Devil defense stepped up their game. Sophomore Billy Martin intercepted a pass and had two solo tackles. Sophomore Christian Gonzalez had two solo tackles, one tackle for a loss, an assist and a sack. Dylan Stieve had four solo tackles and two assists.

Huntington's defensive stats included 40 solo tackles, nine assists, 11 for a loss, six batted passes, two interceptions and a blocked punt. "It was a great game," said Ron Wilson, who coaches the team along with Todd Jamison.

Blue Devil Notes: Sophomore Raekwon Anderson had four solo tackles, one sack, an assist and a batted pass . . . Astor Smith was named Game MVP by the Huntington coaching staff . . . Troy Greene was the game's Offensive MVP . . . Jacob Watkins won the Defensive MVP Award . . . Keegan Reilly won the Special Teams MVP Award . . . Freshman DaVonte Evans scored Huntington's third touchdown.

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