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Huntington School Board Establishes Annual Goals

Huntington School Board members have voted 7-0 to adopt a set of five annual goals. Trustees took the action during their meeting this past Monday night at Jack Abrams School.

Trustees began discussing possible goals for the year during their retreat last July. Since then the goals have been streamlined and refined. During Monday night's meeting, Superintendent James W. Polansky outlined the process leading up to the development of the final list of goals and read each of them for audience members.

The adopted goals for 2011/12 include:

• Show measurable improvement in student performance (adequate yearly progress) at all buildings and graduation rates at the high school, leading toward removal of pertinent schools from identified lists.

• Commence a shift to the common core curriculum while providing appropriate rigor and individualization in classrooms at all levels.

• Develop a fiscally responsible and transparent budget given current economic restraints and conditions, maximizing efficiencies while maintaining the integrity of programs and services offered at all district schools.

• Improve the public perception of the district by highlighting successes through outreach to community members and groups.

• Establish a climate of mutual trust within the board of education and among the board, administration, town government, district residents and community groups.

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