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Huntington School Briefs

Huntington High School students are organizing a dodgeball tournament. Teams will be comprised of six players each. Proceeds from the event will go to the French Honor Society's scholarship fund.

Donations Accepted

Joann Trama, a former employee of the Huntington School District has donated three sewing machines to the Huntington High School's fashion program. Each of the machines is valued at $175. The donation includes two Sears Kenmore machines and a Singer Futura II machine.

The Target store located in Medford has donated 600 black and white composition books to Washington Primary School.

Seniors Urged to File

Huntington High School seniors who are interested in participating in a college athletic program are being urged to file with the NCAA Clearinghouse as soon as possible. The guidance department is urging the student-athletes to visit www.eligibilitycenter.org to complete the registration application.

College Reps Visit

A steady stream of college and university admissions representatives have been visiting the Huntington High School College Center this fall. The visitation schedule is announced over the school's PA system and posted in the College Center and on the high school e-board in the "announcements" section.

"Students must sign-up in the College Center at least 24 hours prior to the college representative visit," said Bernadette Walsh, Huntington's college counselor. "No more than 15 students will be permitted to attend [each session.]

Contact Mrs. Walsh at bwalsh@hufsd.edu for more information.

Friendly Reminder from HFEE

The Huntington Foundation is providing a "friendly reminder" to faculty members concerning the fast-approaching deadline for submission of mini-grant applications to the organization.

The purpose of the mini-grant program "is to provide money for special projects costing up to $1,000 for innovative classroom activities that are beyond the core curriculum, such as new computer software, educational additions for a classroom and various workshops," according to the application form. Mini-grant applications must be submitted by October 29.

Mini-grant applications must be submitted Sheri Lewis-Taylor at Lewtay5@aol.com. For more information contact Ms. Lewis-Taylor at 385-4751.

Star grant applications must be submitted by January 7, 2012. Star grants usually exceed $1,000 and have reached as high as $11,000. They are awarded for projects that "fuel grade-wide, department-wide and school-wide initiatives that have a broad impact or grand vision of education," according to the application.

Substitutes Appointed

Huntington School Board members appointed eight non-professional substitutes during their meeting this past Monday. The individuals included Gabriel Gurrieri (clerical), Charles Guttilla (custodian), Scot Sesterak (custodian), Jerome Merkerson (security) and Vernon Alexander (security), Araceli Espinal (food service worker), Barbara Amore (food service worker) and Kerri Gebbia (teacher aide).

Next BOE Meeting

The Huntington School Board will hold its next regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, October 24 at the Jack Abrams School auditorium. The public is invited to attend and will be given two opportunities to address the Board.

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