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Huntington's National Honor Society Inducts Members

The Nathan Hale Chapter of the National Honor Society at Huntington High School saw its ranks swell when 73 new members were brought into the scholarly fold at the group's 58th annual induction ceremony last week.

It was the largest group inducted in recent memory. "It was rewarding for all of us to be able to congratulate the new inductees and their families," said Joseph Cohen, the fourth year NHS faculty advisor and a science teacher at the school.

"It goes without saying that we are proud of the academic achievement of the students," Dr. Leonardi said. "What we are also very proud of is the commitment that they have shown and will continue to show in helping fellow students through tutoring and the larger community through fundraising and service."

Speakers included Mr. Cohen, Principal Carmela Leonardi and Marie Clifford, the chapter president. Executive officers Joseph Straub, Natalie Acton, Holly Blakley and Michelle Rosenbauer took turns remarking on the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership and service, respectively.

A series of traditional rituals were sprinkled throughout the evening, including the tapping of new inductees by current members and the presentation of membership pins. There were also various musical selections and performances by the high school chamber choir under the direction of Veronica Mainville. Lisa Leonardi directed a string quartet consisting of Monica Owen, Ashley Melgar, Jesse Feldman-Stein and Katherine Gerdes, filling the air with classical sounds.

The motto of the National Honor Society is Noblesse Oblige," a French term that translates in English to 'nobility obligates.' The new members were told they are now part of an important organization that seeks to assist all students on the path toward academic excellence through a variety of tutoring and community service activities.

The new inductees include Matthew Angeliadis, Ashley Angstadt, Kelly Askerberg, Jessica Baik, Claire Beach, Matthew Beeby, Fatima Bonilla, Lauren Boyce, Jamie Brown, Hannah Burnett, James Byrnes, Philip Cadorette, Monica Casabona, Jason Chisolm, Taylor Choy, Emily Coleman, Todd Colvin, Marie Coneys, Naima D'Ennery Dejoie, Katia DeSimone, Samantha Dever, James Ferraiolo, Brent Filippini, Brandon Fiordelisi, Caroline Glowacky, Gabriel Goldman, Francesca Gray, Samantha Greenidge, Melanie Grossman, Megan Hansen, Thomas Hardardt, Cindythia Harjono, Kathleen Healy, Richard Hermer-Fried, Jose Hernandez Rodriquez, Laura Ironman, Kaylyn Johnston, Holden Kata, Emaad Khwaja, Kylee Kiesel, Samantha Levine, Amber Lindner, Katherine Lopez, Nicholas Lupi, Erik Marcinik, Daniel McQuade, Joshua Morris, Ari Moskowitz, Daniel Moya, Christopher Napolitano, Anne Nugent, Rebecca Palladino, Samantha Palmer, Marisa Pashkin, Kathryn Petrozzo, Jennifer Polster, Katelyn Postiglione, Molly Prep, Stephanie Rafuse, Collin Richardson, Melissa Rosenberg, Ana Ruzic, Nicole Smoot, Joshua Solomowitz, Michael Sullivan, Joshua Toor, Joey Tuozzo, Alexis Weitzner, Anna Wertheim, Adelia Witt, Jonathan Wood, Frank Yeh and Scout Ziegler.

"You have all met the scholarship requirement by maintaining a high average," Mr. Cohen told the new inductees. "You excel in academics, but this only a part of the reason you were selected. You do not sit back and rely on your academic prowess alone to get you by. You have taken an active role in your lives. You devote your time and energy to others in your school and community. You are selfless leaders who give service to others without worrying about what you will receive in return. I look forward to this upcoming year and working with each and every one of you as new members of the National Honor Society."

Continuing members of the society include Natalie Acton, Madison Biernacki, Holly Blakley, Brielle Blatt, Laurelle Byrne-Cody, Marie Clifford, Juliana Coraor, Kaja Coraor, Bradley Dwyer, Holly Flores, Jake Goldstein, Norman Gomez-Vasquez, Kristin Hartmann, Bianca Iarrobino, Andrew Ku, Oliver Lockwood, Justin LoScalzo, Teddy Lyons, Alexandra Martinolich, John McCarthy, Brittany Oliva, Alicia Ortiz, Matthew Petryk, Brittney Robinson-Smikle, Michelle Rosenbauer, Joseph Straub and Laura Zenzerovich.

The new inductees were asked to affirm their support for the National Honor Society's ideals by stating: "I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of this society to which I have been selected, striving in every way by every word and deed to make its ideals the ideals of my school and my life."

At the conclusion of the ceremony, students, parents and staff attended a reception in the auditorium lobby.


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