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Flower Hill Honors Star Students

Flower Hill School has some really fine students so when a group of them is singled out for special honors each month it is big news around the building.

Principal Marlon Small especially enjoys the part of his job that involves congratulating for their stellar efforts and he took delight during a pair of recent Student of the Month Award presentations.

The youngsters were chosen based on their classroom efforts, helpfulness to classmates, good citizenship around the building and respect for others.

September's honorees included Shannon Milner, Jack Giamo, Kyle Colleluori, Kyle Dunn, Luke Bastible, Sergio Aguilar-Araujo, Michael Mathews, Sylvia Belanger, Bryce Vitulli, Dominick Vidota, Ella Naima, Charlie Blitz, Elson Gonzalez, Sebastian Romero, Nadeera Ali, Markella Markotsis, Katherine Guevara-Jandres, Charlotte Gordon, Keira Coulter, Luke Calabria and Jordan Ross.

October's award recipients included Miguel Vazquez-Rosales, Luke LaGrone, Sophia Kaloudis, Genesis Acevedo, Ar-Raiyon Muslim, Natalie Dunn, Gianna Forte, Aidan Carrello, Renee McKean, Julio Martinez, Katherine Torres-Paguaga, Lauren Landolfi, Liam McDonald, Catherine McCooey, Isabelle Grenier, Melanie Hernandez, Wiielver Salamanca, Jake Cordes, Alex Gerbavsits, John Panos, Eunice Bonita Ramos and Ricardo Romero-Cisneros.

The name of each honoree was broadcast over the school's public address system and the top students were presented with certificates. Mr. Small and members of each monthly group posed for a commemorative photo. The photos will be displayed in the main lobby.

"It's exciting to congratulate such industrious and well-mannered boys and girls," Mr. Small said. "Considering how many wonderful students we have here at Flower Hill, it's a real honor to be selected for this award."

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