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Halloween Dance Packed at Finley

J. Taylor Finley Middle School is heading toward its Golden Anniversary. Over the the past 46 years the school has witnessed an almost too-hard-to-believe rate of student participation in after-school activities. That tradition is so ingrained it has endured through generations of students passing through the school.

This year's student body numbers more than 675 and it's just as energetic as its predecessors. A crowd of more than 250 seventh and eighth graders turned out for Finley's annual Halloween dance. Parents and PTA members supplied snacks and drinks for the hungry teenagers. The gym was decorated with a Halloween theme, enhancing everyone's mood.

"The Halloween dance was a huge success," Finley Principal John Amato said. DJ Richie Signorelli "turned up the heat" on the dance floor and students appeared to have a great time cutting loose.

Many students arrived in colorful costumes and the teenagers filled the gym. "The costumes were outrageous this year," Mr. Amato said. "The students went all out with creativity."

The PTA sponsored a costume contest and presented various awards. Some of the honorees included the "chicken," "SWAT man" and "Edward Scissorhands," to name but a few.

A holiday event is scheduled at Finley for Friday, December 16 from 7 to 9 p.m. The PTA sponsored night will feature students rotating through interactive video games at various stations. Another large crowd is expected to attend.

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