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Trustees Appoint Huntington High School Club Advisors

Huntington School Board members have put more than three dozen Huntington High School club advisors in place for the 2011/12 school year, including teachers Fred Bisogno and Anthony Troffa, who were reappointed as faculty advisors for the student government.

Trustees have also appointed numerous honor society advisors including Kasmira Mohanty (art), Aimee Antorino (English), Helen Guarino (English), Deidre Mayer (French), Silvia Gilbert (Italian), Mercy Pena (Spanish), Joseph Cohen (Nathan Hale chapter - National Honor Society), Lori Kenny (science), Dame Forbes (science) and Monica Racz (math).

Individual class advisors include Patricia Dillon (freshman), Victoria Lombardi (sophomore), Donna Nugent (junior), Lauren Desiderio (junior), Camille Tedeschi (senior) and Erik Bruckbauer (senior).

Trustees also appointed James Graber (The Dispatch – literary and printing), Aimee Antorino (The Dispatch – literary and printing), Kenneth Krummenacker (Etcetera), Anna Fabela (Gay & Straight Alliance), Suzette Biagi (Grandfriends, Students for World Unity), Camille DeCanio (Grandfriends, Students for World Unity), Michael Swendemann (Drama), Robert Gilmor (Habitat for Humanity, Natural Helpers), Kelly Kaiser (Key club), Lauren Desiderio (Social Issues), Amanda Meyer (Mathletes 9), Keith Mattis (Mathletes 10-12), Lori Kenny (Science Research club), Youlanda Carey (Step team), Heather Swan (Video club), Pamela Piffard (The Huntingtonian yearbook: art, literary, photographic), Elizabeth Casazza (The Huntingtonian yearbook: business) and Kenneth Gilbert (stage crew).

"We encourage every high school student to review the after-school club program offerings and consider participating in one or more activities," Superintendent James W. Polansky said.

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