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Street Law Class Hosts Mock Weddings

Wedding bells were ringing recently at Huntington High School in the Street Law I class. The half-year business department elective hosted the nuptials to help illustrate the various legal issues involved in matrimonial law, which is included in the family law segment of the curriculum.

Over the course of about three weeks, teenagers in the course will experience mock weddings, divorces, devising of custody arrangements and an assortment of other legal issues surrounding minors. "Students explore the legal meanings and ramifications of entering into these long-term situations," business teacher Suzie Biagi said.

Marriage licenses, prenuptial agreements, grounds for divorce, child support issues, adoption and even foster care, as well as the rights and the responsibilities of both spouses are studied in the course.

"My students love this unit," Mrs. Biagi said. "They get to ask questions and investigate real life issues, some of which will affect many of them at some point in their lives."

A special treat this year came when Principal Carmela Leonardi officiated over one of the two weddings. As Dr. Leonardi presided, students read their vows, discussed the legalities of spoken words, encountered audience objections and addressed various other legal aspects of the ceremony.

Street Law is a course that explores many of "life's issues," said Mrs. Biagi. By placing students in a "living situation," if only for ten-minutes, the business teacher said she attempts to engage and excite the teenagers about the curriculum.

"Chances are that most of these students will marry and have a family in the future and now they will have a better understanding of the seriousness of the legal contracts that they enter into," Mrs. Biagi said.

In addition family law related topics, the Street Law I curriculum includes such areas as civil rights and liberties, discrimination, employment and housing law. Street Law II, a second one semester, half-credit course, focuses on juvenile justice, probate and consumer law and torts.

For more information contact Mrs. Biagi at sbiagi@hufsd.edu.

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