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English Honor Society Inducts Members

Huntington High School has many bright students. Dozens of them were recently inducted into the school's Post Ellipsis chapter of the National English Honor Society. The ceremony swelled the group's ranks to 163 members.

"Being honored for work in language studies, whether in literary examination or fine writing, goes hand in hand with a responsibility to use one's abilities to shape a better world, to help others, to turn being honored into honoring a future rich with possibilities and a world laden with potential," said English teacher Aimee Antorino, who serves as the society faculty advisor along with colleague Helen Guarino.

To be considered for NEHS membership a student must have a minimum academic grade average of 90, "exhibiting an impressive breadth of academic excellence," while maintaining a grade of at least 92 in English.

"Henry David Thoreau once said, "It takes two to speak the truth; one to speak and another to listen,'" Principal Carmela Leonardi said during brief remarks. "As members of the National English Honor Society you understand the importance of communication, the value of listening and the significance of expression. You have proven yourselves capable of serious study of the English language and of perusing the truth in works of literature or in your own creative expressions of poetry or prose."

75 New Members

The new inductees include Hector Alvarado, Joseph Ambrosio, Alyson Baker, Julianna Barca, Caroline Berejka, Lauren Bialkowski, Sabrina Blakley, Ryan Bonitz, Molly Brambil, Jamie Brown, Monica Casabona, Alexander Castillo, Joellen Ceide, Anne Coffey, Elizabeth Coneys, Ann DeChiaro, Hayley Drace, Elizabeth Eichenberger, Justin Engelsher, Greta Farrell, Marc Feldman, Jessie Feldman-Stein, Rachel Feltman, Collin Francis, Nicholas Freiman, Daniel Gallagher, Anna Garfinkel, Jeremy Gelb, Katherine Gerdes, Kelsey Getz, Brian Gilbert, Gilda Goldental-Stoecker, Cynthia Gowani, Megan Healy, Chelsea Holmes, Emma Hughes, Bianca Iarrobino, Kathryn Ingle and Christian Jamison.

Also gaining induction were Holden Kata, Brianna Kirkland, Catherine Koumas, Samantha Lai, Lucie Lavelle, Gavin Li, Hannah Lomele, Sibilla Maiarelli, Alexandria Mandriota, Gabriella Mandriota, Robert Marcus, Morgan Mars, Brian J. McConnell, Naomi Medina-Jaudes, Ashley Melgar, Ben Nikodem, Monica Owen, Olivia Palmer, Michael Piazza, Anthony Puca, Tara Purcell, Alexandra Reinertsen, Lee Reiver, Donovan Richardson, Henry Rogan, Summer Rudish, Danielle Schultz, Kimberly Smith, Michael Stafford, Celine Takekoshi, Victor Tellez, Lyndsey Williams, Caitlin Yabroudy, Margot Yanuck, Samuel Yanuck and Frank Yeh.

The 75 new members swelled the group's ranks to 163. Huntington's Post Ellipsis chapter of the National English Honor Society is led by officers Brent Filippini (president), Emal Wafajow (vice-president), Ari Moskowitz (treasurer), Taylor Choy (secretary) and Laura Ironman (historian).

"Being a member of this organization, and of the English community as a whole, requires that you continue these efforts and prepare yourselves to take into the world the truths you have found here, sharing with others your joy and appreciation of our discipline," Dr. Leonardi told the NEHS members. "Truth cannot exist in a vacuum and like art it must be shared to be understood."

Spirit of Fellowship

Mr. Filippini administered the official induction pledge that was recited by the new members: "As a member of the National English Honor Society, I shall endeavor to advance the study of all areas of English and to foster a spirit of fellowship among students excelling in all facets of the English Language Arts, ever keeping in mind our national motto as our guiding principle: Gelast sceal mid are – duty goes with honor."

The evening featured performances by a string quartet under the direction or orchestra director Lisa Leonardi. The talented group was comprised of Christian Jamison, Ashley Melgar, Brian Gilbert and Matthew Petryk. The chamber choir sang The Star-Spangled Banner and later performed Carol of the Bells.

Each year the Huntington's NEHS chapter inducts several honorary members. This year librarian Patricia Dillon and English teacher Kenneth Krummenacker were recognized and they faculty duo sat on the auditorium stage with the group's officers, Dr. Leonardi, department chair Joseph Leavy and the faculty advisors.

The new members formally entered NEHS ranks during a candle lighting ceremony led by Mr. Filippini. "New members, in honor of your accomplishments and in anticipation of your bright future, I end this ceremony with these words by Emily Dickinson. Please commit them to yourself as you grow in our society, in our community and in our mutual dedication to a life of letters:

'We never know how high we are

Till we are called to rise;

And then, if we are true to plan,

Our statures touch the skies.'"

Following the ceremony a reception was held for students and their parents in the lobby outside the auditorium, where Superintendent James W. Polansky congratulated the new members.

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