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An Interesting Opportunity

The recent deliberative forum on the causes of the United States economic crisis that began in 2008 and the reasons it has lingered, still has participating teachers and students talking.

"The forum was an interesting opportunity for students to explore some of the causes and possible solutions to the continuing economic crisis," said James Graber, a social studies teacher at the school who was one of the event's organizers. "Student-led teams explored different aspects ranging from the national debt as the cause to the need for a radical reevaluation of our economic and political systems."

Mr. Graber believes the forum was a valuable educational tool. "It was a nice opportunity to see students unaccustomed to performing presenting in front of a large audience," he said. "They were articulate and professional at every turn."

The deliberative forum initiative utilized large and small group sessions to explore as many facets of the economic crisis as possible in a two-hour period.

"The breakout sessions provided an opportunity for audience members to become more directly involved after they had heard the various available approaches," Mr. Graber said. "Some very interesting conversations took place as groups sought to build consensus rather than continue the debate."

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