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Southdown Students Bloom Together

Most serious gardeners say composting is an essential component of their yard work. Southdown Primary School students in teacher David Crimi's class learned all about this important recycling concept during a visit by "Marigold Mike" from Let's Bloom Together, a gardening education company.

The Southdown youngsters were exposed to all sorts of new words and phrases during Marigold Mike's presentation. Students learned that vermicomposting is a way to recycle and reuse biodegradable items such as leftover or spoiled fruits and vegetables.

"Each student received a small plastic container filled with some soil," Mr. Crimi said. "They added old fruits and vegetables and worms. They learned that the worms eat the fruit and vegetables and turn it into good soil for planting."

The Friday afternoon presentation included a segment on caring for a vermicompost bin and the importance of keeping it moist and dark. Only biodegradable items "that come from the ground," should be added to the compost, Marigold Mike said.

Although winter is fast approaching, all the talk of gardening left the Southdown youngsters anxious for spring to roll around again.

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