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Huntington Foundation Seeks Grant Applications

Hey, teachers with exciting and innovative new ideas for Huntington School District classrooms: The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education is accepting applications for its 2011/12 grant programs. Thousands of dollars are up for grabs.

Teachers and administrators say that grants awarded over the last 18 years have made a measurable difference in the lives of students. Since its founding, the Huntington Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the district through its mini-grant and Star grant programs.

The purpose of the mini-grant program "is to provide money for special projects costing up to $1,000 for innovative classroom activities that are beyond the core curriculum, such as new computer software, educational additions for a classroom and various workshops," according to the application form. Mini-grant applications must be submitted by October 29.

Star grants usually exceed $1,000 and have reached as high as $11,000. They are awarded for projects that "fuel grade-wide, department-wide and school-wide initiatives that have a broad impact or grand vision of education," according to the application.

Recent Star grants have included funds for the renovation of the Huntington High School weight room, printmaking technology to enhance creative explorations and personal expression through the print medium, robotics and introductory engineering programs at the intermediate grade level, iPod Touch devices for high school English and science departments, "Speak-Up" groups presentations and public speaking workshops for sixth graders, Seneteo interactive response software to help evaluate student progress and a projector, laptop and flip camera shared by one school's teachers to enhance research projects, reader theaters and musical productions. The Star grant application deadline is January 7, 2012.

Teachers have been asked to answer a set of applications questions, including how the grant will enhance the instructional program in their classroom, how it will support the standards within the curriculum, what will students be able to accomplish as a result of the grant that will expand and enhance their learning and, for Star grants, what other funding sources have been investigated to support the project.

"The district is very pleased to continue its partnership and close working relationship with the Huntington Foundation," Superintendent James W. Polansky said. "These two grant programs have funded countless initiatives over the years, benefitting students on every grade level."

The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. It will hold its 19th Annual Reach for the Stars fundraising gala on Friday, January 20, 2012 at the elegant Woodlands in Woodbury. The evening will honor Southdown School Principal Michelle Marino.

For more information about the two grant programs contact Sheri Lewis-Taylor at lewtay5@aol.com or (631-385-4751).

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