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Huntington School Board Notes

Huntington School Board members have accepted a generous donation of $500 from the Flower Hill School PTA to be used toward the purchase of a SMART Board for use in the school. Trustees took the action during their meeting on Monday, August 8 in the J. Taylor Finley Middle School large group instruction room.

Trustees awarded a bid in the amount of $254,692.90 to Black Box Network Services for the installation of a voice over internet phone system. "This bid was constructed after almost two years of investigation," Assistant Superintendent David H. Grackin said. "We had numerous site visits and consultations with vendors. We visited various sites outside the district in order to generate a bid document that was comprehensive and best represented the needs of the school district."

A license and operating agreement with SCOPE Education Services was approved. SCOPE will provide before and after school child care paid for by the parents of the participants.

Trustees also approved a budget transfer of $311,739 from the employee benefit accrued liability reserve fund to the general fund. The monies were used to provide a retirement incentive to employees. The incentive saved the district money overall by effectively encouraging highly paid employees to retire.

Trustees also took the following actions:

• Accepted the resignations of Southdown School nurse Linda Scheiss and Huntington High School secretary Linda Abner.

• Approved budget transfers from one account to another to cover costs associated with clerical overtime at Huntington High School ($5,000), stipends for high school student internship program advisors ($8,000) and marching band drill writing and instruction ($1,552).

• Authorized the disposal of surplus equipment ranging from mower decks, plows, televisions, VCRs and laser disc players to an overhead projector, laminating press and other assorted items.

• Granted leaves of absence for the 2011/12 school years to elementary classroom teachers Ronald Wilson and Angela Berner.

• Approved probationary teaching appointments for Nicole Cooper (science/Huntington High School), Lauren Amendola (English/J. Taylor Finley Middle School), Dianna Molenko (English/Huntington High School), Michael Procaccini (science/high school and middle school) and Patricia Tagliente (Math/Huntington High School).

• Approved part-time appointments for art teachers Karen Morea (.5 assignment at Washington, Southdown and Woodhull schools) and Devin Auricchio (.9/high school/middle school) and K-2/K-6 data coordinator Nancy Burke-Allard (.6 assignment).

• Approved full-time long-term substitute teacher appointments for Kim Valerio (art/Southdown and Flower Hill/Sept. 1 to approximately Jan. 31, 2012), Pamela Jacovina (music/Washington, Jefferson and Woodhull/Sept. 1 to approximately Jan. 31, 2012), Tina Balducci (special education/Southdown/Sept. 1 to approximately Nov. 30), Melissa Goldsborough (special education/Flower Hill and Woodhull/Sept. 1 to approximately Jan. 31, 2012), Kristen Murphy (speech/Jefferson and St. Patrick's/Sept. 1 to approximately Jan. 31, 2012), Dawn Ginty (classroom/Jefferson/2011-12 school year), Melissa Lang (classroom/Washington/2011-12 school year), Joan Castles (special education/high school/2011-12 school year) and Ashley Williams (special education/Southdown/2011-12 school year).

• Approved the recall from the district's preferred eligibility list of high school French teacher Deidre Mayer and elementary classroom teacher Nancy Allard.

• Approved the recall of special education aides Ann Donegan, Kim Schaefer, Myeshea Calderon, Kathryn Einhorn, Kristen DeVille, Barbara Santoro, Melissa Conroy, Deborah Angstadt, Saul Baires, Anna Marie Mehlrose, Laurene Napurano, Yaritza Ramos and Whitney Voyages, three-hour aide Antonette Frazier, three-hour monitor Marilyn Hawkins and dual language aide Wanda Rivera Wilson.

• Approved changes in assignment for aides Margaret Milanese, Juanita Turner, Pamela Signorelli, Anne Marie Lafiandra, Mary Verme, Linda Uliano and Louise Haagenson, teaching assistants Nancy Lavery and Barbara Waller and clerical worker Janet O'Neill.

• Approved salary schedule changes for Jaclyn Ambrosio, Lauren Desiderio, Glenn Edwards, Pearl Fabela, Krista Fee, Brian Foster, Louis Giani and Melissa Jasinski.

• Approved Patricia Quinn to work as a driver education program instructor. She will be paid $46.74 per hour.

• Appointed Samantha Natalello to serve as the Huntington Highsteppers' advisor. Lora Ayala was approved to work as the assistant advisor.

• Approved Karen Dwyer to work as a home tutor during the 2011/12 school year. She will be paid $48.97 per hour when she works.

• Approved the addition of speech therapist Jacqueline Leonard to the list of district employees authorized to be reimbursed for job related travel between school buildings.

• Approved a shelter agreement with the American National Red Cross for the use of Huntington High School for disaster relief activities on an as-needed basis.

• Approved a course licensing agreement with the National Traffic Safety Institute.

• Approved a consultant services contract with South Oaks Hospital for a variety of professional services on an as-needed basis.

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