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Flyer Available on What to Expect
at BOE Meetings

In some districts they are sleepy affairs, but meetings of the Huntington School District Board of Education are anything but that. Residents here are fully engaged and they typically turn-out in large numbers when trustees meet in public.

Huntington has developed a new one-page information sheet that provides an overview of "what to expect at a board of education meeting." The handy flyer is both comprehensive and concise. It summarizes in a single place many practices and policies and provides vital information for those who wish to participate in school board meetings.

"We hope this informative new publication will prove to be a handy reference for our residents," Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky said. "Trustees and members of the administration welcome the public's attendance and participation at orderly meetings."

The new flyer details the format used at meetings and lists a series of guidelines put in place concerning public commentary. A block of 30 minutes is set aside near the beginning of each meeting for those who wish to address trustees. Speakers are limited to three minutes each. "Commentary during this portion of the meeting is restricted to items on the agenda," explains the one-page information sheet.

If time permits, a second 30 minute period of public commentary will also be provided near the end of the meeting for items that are not on the agenda. During this period speakers are again limited to three minutes each.

The new flyer provides numerous organizational details along with a description of the behavior expected of speakers. For example, "Employees should not be identified by name during public commentary," states the guide. "Comments relating to the competence or personal conduct of individuals are prohibited and shall be declared out of order."

Copies of the new guide can be obtained by contacting District Clerk Elizabeth Troffa (673-2126 or etroffa@hufsd.edu) or by logging onto the district's website at www.hufsd.edu. Click on the "Leadership" link on the homepage and then select the link for "Board of Education" and then "Meetings." The flyer can be viewed and downloaded.

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