The Huntington Booster Club is continuing its well received grant funding program

Booster Club Grant Initiative Continues

The Huntington Booster Club is continuing its well received grant funding program

September 23, 2019

Successful fundraising by the Huntington Booster Club has allowed the organization to continue and grow its grant program, which was initiated in 2007. The program has funneled more than $800,000 worth of equipment, supplies and related items to Blue Devil teams.

Application forms are available to coaches on the websites of both the Booster Club and Huntington UFSD. The forms provide an overview of the initiative, which is highly regarded in the Blue Devil athletic community.

“We continue to be very fortunate to have such a supportive booster club in Huntington,” Director of Athletics Georgia D. McCarthy said. “The club’s accomplishments are remarkable and they are helping us position Blue Devil sports as a force to be reckoned with in the county and state.”

Coaches are invited to apply for individual grants in any amount to fund items that the district doesn’t ordinarily cover in its annual budget.

According to information provided to members of the coaching staff, “The purpose of the grant program is to fund, support and foster team, sport, school or district-wide initiatives that have a broad impact on the encouragement of the participation in healthy physical activities and athletics by our students and the promotion and advancement of the competitiveness of our athletic programs and teams.”

The program invites applications from teachers, coaches and administrators. Grant applications are available in the district’s athletic office, located near the Huntington High School gym or online at; click on Main Navigation link on the top left of the website’s main page and then choose Booster Club under School Community; scroll down to Booster Club Documents/Membership Documents. The application can be found there.

Grant application forms can be downloaded and submitted to the Huntington Booster through the athletic office. Ms. McCarthy is asked to sign off on all applications.

For additional information contact grant program coordinator Susan Gerbavsits at or Booster Club President Tim Pillion at