Huntington School Board

Huntington School Board Adopts Annual Goals

The Huntington School Board adopted a set of goals for the year. (Darin Reed photo)

October 2, 2017

Huntington School Board members have adopted a set of thirteen goals for the 2017/18 school year. Trustees took the action during their meeting on Monday, September 26 in the Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School auditorium.

Trustees began discussing possible goals many weeks ago. Since then the goals have been refined and streamlined. The process included a review of last year’s goals and a discussion of the progress toward reaching each of them.

During previous meetings, the list of goals was projected onto a large screen for the audience to follow along as trustees and administrators discussed each item. Trustee Bari Fehrs made a motion to adopt the goals last Monday night. It was seconded by Xavier Palacios and passed without dissent.

A copy of the goals has been posted on the district’s website. They include:

• Adopt/adapt curricular and instructional measures (aligned with new state/local standards in the core disciplines) that will promote continued progress in overall student, building and subgroup academic performance, including graduation rates at the high school, with a focus on closing subgroup achievement gaps.
• Facilitate provision of authentic and differentiated learning experiences in classrooms at all levels.
• Maintain/expand upon STEM/STEAM opportunities and social/emotional learning experiences at all grade levels.
• Continue to implement a fiscally responsible and transparent budget process given the economic constraints and conditions resulting from the tax levy limit; maximize efficiencies while maintaining the integrity of programs and services offered at all HUFSD schools.
• Prepare a multi-year fiscal plan in alignment with the District’s multi-year capital plan that includes expenditures for major facility improvements and upgrades (e.g., building roofs).
• Further determine and evaluate strategies to maximize effective use of all district facilities, including those resulting from the investigation of energy/cost-saving initiatives.
• Further engage in technological infrastructure/hardware/application upgrades that prepare students for future academic and professional experiences, as well as enhance district communications.
• Maximize home-school communication and further increase parent engagement throughout the school community.
• Maintain successful recruiting, hiring and retention practices supporting a highly qualified staff, upholding consideration toward its reflection of the district’s culturally diverse population, which collectively helps students to reach their academic and personal potential.
• Maintain ongoing communication with and professional development of the District’s universal prekindergarten providers; maximize articulation between providers and district staff.
• Support the superintendent and administration with respect to advocacy for the educational needs of Huntington students through the organizations and associations within which they occupy leadership roles.
• Work with food-service provider to evaluate and improve the district’s food service program in terms of student appeal, health-conscious and local farm-to-table options.
• Maintain communication with town, county, state and federal government officials in an effort to ensure that district interests are considered and addressed as initiatives are planned and/or implemented at the respective governmental levels.