Trustees Grant Tenure to Faculty

Huntington School Board members granted tenure to 10 teachers.

August 29, 2016

Huntington School Board members granted tenure to ten faculty members during a June meeting. A reception is planned for the early fall in the Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School rotunda in honor of members of the group.

Trustees awarded tenure to Jaclyn Ambrosio (home and career skills), Jennifer Brittman (librarian), Tara Fisher (special education), Kristin Fortunate (foreign language), Rose Medina (elementary classroom), David Moriarity (math), Jessica Rivera (elementary classroom), Adam Sherrard (physical education), Melissa Studdert (special education) and Michelle Wenz (math).

Superintendent Jim Polansky addressed the tenure recipients

New York State Education Law requires teachers and administrators to serve a multi-year probationary period before being eligible to receive a tenure appointment. During this time faculty members are subjected to intensive observation and evaluation and can be dismissed for virtually any reason. (Faculty members who have previously received tenure in New York State are eligible to have their probationary period shortened.)

Trustees acted on a recommendation by Superintendent James W. Polansky when they voted to award tenure to the ten faculty members.

“These teachers have demonstrated instructional proficiencies in the classroom and beyond, as well as considerable potential for continued professional growth,” Mr. Polansky said. “As importantly, they have shown that they care deeply about their students and are heavily invested in their success. Their tenure awards were genuinely well deserved.”